Are You About To Get Rich? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says

Find out if luck's on your side!

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It may sound cliched but it cannot be denied that money and happiness go hand in hand. Our star signs and astrological patterns say a lot about our financial future. Read to find out how your financial future looks like in the upcoming months.


Astrologers say Aquarians are usually shy and deep thinkers with a penchant for intellectual conversations. Call them idealists, perfectionists dreaming of healing the world but introverts at the same time always craving for some alone time.

Financial Advice: Always be open to advice. You must find a confidant cum financial planner, therapist or trusted family member whose financial behavior you admire. As per the stars, you should always be open to charity and always be willing to give back to the society.


Charitable, understanding and accepting of others, you are always willing to spend on others to make them happy. According to astrologers, Pisces hardly pay heed to their financial habits and are rather spendthrift. Sadly though, this generosity maybe good sometimes but beware of landing in financial hot water because of it.

Financial Advice: It is time to quit buying stuff you don’t need (including spending on others) if you want financial stability. Practice gratitude and learn to stop yourself from spending money on unnecessary things and on situations that can be fixed without your help.

ARIES (MAR 21- APR 19)

You are energetic, determined and an unstoppable force. Astrologers predict that with their fire power and can-do attitude, there’s nothing an Aries can’t do. Of course you can also be a tad bit impulsive, reckless and envious (reason why you love new clothes!)—not the best building blocks for an orderly financial future.

Financial Advice:  Make the most of your hard earned income by investing in financial schemes. Go for traditional savings accounts, these guys are fee-free, so you can park excess cash in one and watch it yield returns for years. Unlike that expensive outfit you wore only once, these schemes will actually help you save for a secure future.


Known for their pratical mindset, Taureans think online shopping is for suckers and self-care is for losers. So naturally they are cautious in their expenditure. But their uptight financial habits sometimes make them lose out on the fun that they deserve.

Financial advice: Learn the art of balance without going broke. Set aside an amount to spend on yourself and something you love — experts suggest five percent of your paycheck—for you and your S.O. to spend on anything you want. Chances are you’ll probably survive living a little!


Geminis are known for their erratic behavior varying from excited and level-headed to distracted and overwhelmed the next. As per the AstroTwins, “Gemini has a tendency to ride the roller coaster of life, spiraling skywards one minute and plunging into lows the next.”

Financial Advice: You need stability in your financial life. Instead of spending big one day and overcompensating by depriving yourself the next, finance experts advise to routinely pay yourself first (i.e., immediately putting a portion of your next paycheck into a savings account). Why? Because “It’s much harder to miss money you’ve never seen in the first place.”


Cancers are known to go all the way in terms of spending. In other words “you just love to spend!” say the AstroTwins. “It’s a mood thing. The idea of comfort revolves around things and more things: a cozy sweater, a favorite book, trusted friends, and a stash of your favorite goodies.”

Financial advice: Look for quality when investing. Live by the motto “buy cheap, buy twice.” Spend seldom, but when you must, make it count. Spend on things that make you happy, be it comfort-zone-busting new experiences, quality time with loved ones or anything that saves you energy (house-cleaning services, grocery FTW!). All of this will make you happy—or at the very least, way less crabby.

LEO (JUL 23-AUG 22)

You are a lioness who likes to live large! Ambitious, an empowered force of nature and possibly a bit of a drama queen, you wear your heart on your (couture) sleeve. Your love of luxury makes you occasionally wasteful, careless with interests that lean elitist (ouch!), according to astrologers.

Financial Advice: Saving money can be an issue for you, so it would be smart for you to look for saving schemes. It may be a good time for you to invest in valuables like gold or fine jewelry, as they provide long-term financial security.


Virgos are practical, cautious and hardworking, and they tend to take a similar approach to their finances. Therefore, building up your savings, setting up retirement accounts and making other plans for the future shouldn’t be a problem for you. Since you tend to be quite selfless, you might stay with a low-paying job if you feel you’re really making a difference or helping someone in need.

Financial Advice: In terms of investments, don’t jump into any opportunity without first doing careful research. Invest in sound, rather conservative strategies that promise to pay off over the long term. Do not hesitate in taking occasional calculated risk, however. Given your stengths, you’ll make an excellent choice based on extensive and detailed research.

Libra (September 23-October 23)

Just like their sign, Libras are all about balance. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love splurging on things they enjoy, including artwork, fine food, stylish clothing and more. In short, you tend to spend and sometimes overspend on personal luxuries, such as stylish clothes, a nice car, or artwork and other items to beautify your home.

Financial Advice: Try not to let solid investment opportunities pass you by as you struggle to make up your mind about whether to proceed. You work well with partnerships, so consider hiring a trustworthy financial advisor who can steer you towards lucrative opportunities.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

For Scorpions, building up your financial profile is all about following your sharp instincts. Money tends to come easily to you, since your sign is associated with inheritances and other windfalls. You’re also competitive by nature, so that makes it more likely for you to make a good income.

Financial Advice: Be careful when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it’s better to invest in traditional schemes. In general, you must stay cautious when spending as tough times may befall you.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius like playing with their luck and love to gamble. They can often be quite lucky when it comes to earning or even winning cash. On the contrary, when it comes to savings and investments, you aren’t the most practical sign. You tend to switch jobs a lot, especially when you’re younger, so working your way up the career ladder may take time. Generally speaking, you have an easy-come, easy-go relationship with money, and you don’t tend to worry overmuch during tough times – since you always feel optimistic that money will come your way when you need it.

Financial Advice: The good news is that you can bounce back from financial setbacks quickly, however, that doesn’t mean there will not be troublesome financial situations awaiting you. Rather than lazing around, now is the time to take charge of your finances and start to save up for bigger rewards in the future.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)

Being ambitious, competitive and a hard worker, Capricorns are most likely to make a good income, especially later in life, after they’ve climbed the career ladder. It’s your innate nature to keep striving for success, and your financial profile reflects this quality. You’re also quite practical by nature, making you a natural at saving money. I

Financial Advice: When it comes to investments, it’s better for you to go for conservative schemes that promise long-term rewards. You must not be afraid to take a well-calculated risk from time to time, as the payoff may well be worth it.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarians are quite dedicated and sincere, when involved in meaningful work that they enjoy. So chances of good income are high, if they happen to be in a field that they particularly enjoy. They also tend to donate a good portion of their hard-earned money to charities or causes they believe in. It’s hard for you to watch others living in poverty while you live in comfort, and you aren’t one to jealously guard your hard-earned cash, so sharing your wealth comes naturally to you.

Financial Advice: As an investor, you should go for unique, inventive strategies that others might think are too risky or just plain out-there. Don’t be afraid to partner up with a friend for a brand new start-up or a new out-of-the-box business plan. It is a good time for you to try your luck at new things in life. This is particularly a good time for you to earn rewards.

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

Pisces isn’t very practical when it comes to finances, so saving money or pursuing a high-income career may not be on the cards for you. You also have a sensitive heart making it all too easy for you to get stuck in situations where you’re paying more than you can afford to support someone else as well as yourself.

Financial Advice: Since you tend to have a careless attitude towards money — you might even be the type to ignore consumer debt or other problems, as if that will make them disappear — it may be smart for you to work with an accountant or financial advisor. It may be wise for you to find someone trustworthy who can give you sound advice about how to spend and invest your cash. Don’t let anyone take financial advantage of your idealistic, compassionate nature!!

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