Facts and Myths about Bullying

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Does your kid stays quiet at home and prefers to be alone? Make sure your kid is not a victim of bullying. They might want to stay alone, but observe if they seem lonely. Coming across that your teen or tween has been targeted by a bully is one of the worse things to discover. Bullying is said to be an intentional tormenting and teasing in verbal, physical and psychological ways. It may range from hitting, taunting, shoving, threats, mocking, name-calling and even cyber bullying. You may not realize how devastating bullying can be. Bullying is not necessarily what you think. Here are some of the interesting facts and myths about bullying.

Bullying is Easy to Spot

Bullies are not that dumb, they are pretty smart. They know where teachers and other adult students are. Most bullying occurs in the spaces where there is no one or at a location that is not occupied by adults or when they are not around to witness it. For example, bullying often takes place in the bathroom, on the play ground or on the bus. It might be physical or verbal, and even a mindful and observant person is sometimes unable to spot this behavior.

Bullies are Mostly Loners

There are many different types of bullying. So, don’t make a mistake by assuming that all the bullies are same. Some kids bully others because they too have been through this distressing and devastating experience while some are concerned about their popularity and their glorified repute. Usually bullying is an outcome of their desire for social dominance. In simple words, a bully is a social climber who wants to raise his/her status in the school.

Most Bullying is Physical

When parents think about their kids being bullied at school, the first thing that strikes their mind is physical bullying. Whereas, the most common type of bullying that is often experienced by their kid is verbal bullying. This may include teasing, taunting, rumor-spreading and calling names. The fact must not be avoided that verbal bullying is common in both girls and boys.

Bullying is about Kids- Not a Big Deal

This is one of the most common myths of bullying that bullying is a matter of kids being kids. Well, that’s not true. Kids bullying is a serious matter of concern. Bullying may have serious consequences too. Children who are bullied experience negative mental and physical health issues such as anxiety and depression, increased feeling of loneliness and sadness, and health complaints. They may also have lower self-esteem and struggle with depression and in some cases it may also lead to suicide.

People often have established ideas and beliefs about bullying. But sometimes those concepts are not always based on facts. Bullying can crumble a child’s confidence. Parents and adults must play a chief role to minimize child bullying.

Don’t let your child live in dejection and gloominess. Take an action against bullying and teach your kids how to avoid bullying and not fall as prey to it.

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