What Your Eyebrow Shape Says About Your Personality


It’s the era of the eyebrows. These days a flawless foundation or a perfect winged liner won’t get you any points if your eyebrows aren’t on ‘fleek’. I mean, they came up with a new slang just to describe the perfection that is your eyebrows, so you know it’s legit. As someone who’s been lucky enough to be genetically blessed with not too terrible eyebrows, I’ve never really bothered much with them. An occasional plucking here and there, but from all the craze and obsession I see on every single social media platform I know that women go to lengths to maintain, shape and draw their brows. With hours spend giving attention to every single detail; it makes me wonder, what does every shape say about the person wearing them.

For a better visual, here’s a chart of the different eyebrow shapes people have.

1. Straight Eyebrows

A simple yet bold brow, if this is your shape then you probably are a boss lady who likes no nonsense and a strong mug of black coffee to start the day. People respect you and crave for your approval which is not earned easily. You are a hard and honest worker and make a loyal friend to those you love.

2. Arched Eyebrows

You are a bombshell and you know it. You’re fun and easy going personality, makes everyone want to be your friend. You have an artist’s soul and an eye for precision. Everyone may think that they know you, but you don’t give away your trust too easily and a lift of that eyebrow suggests you know the secrets of the universe.

3. Curved Eyebrows

You are a closeted introvert. You are not opposed to a little socializing and having a good time out painting the town red, but secretly you would like nothing more than to binge watch shows and order take out. You’re probably guilty of making a few excuses to ditch plans and curl up in bed to read a good book. You make friends easily and can show them the best time.

4. Upward slanting

You are smart, strong, powerful and sexy. You are great at your job and are competitive by nature. You can be quite fierce and single minded to get what you want. You’ll likely end up on the cover of a business magazine before you’re thirty. You don’t make friends easily, but give your all to the ones you have. Not very trusting, you can come across as a snob, but don’t let that define you. But remember to let your hair down once in a while. Don’t let work affect your love life.

5. Downward Dropping brows

You are kind, approachable and a simple soul. You love taking care of others. You don’t care about looks and appearances and have a rare talent of figuring people out for who they are. You appreciate the simple things in life. You may not know this, but most guys in your life have had a crush on you at some point.

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