7 Daily Mistakes That Age You Faster


Our body has a lot of organs which are made to do specific jobs, each designated with a task that helps us. From our skin to our heart we need to take care of these organs. However, living a care free life without knowing the consequences of the actions will eventually result in our organs aging before we do. Following are the seven daily beauty mistakes that may age you faster.

1. Exfoliating

Exfoliation is a process by which we can remove dead cells from our skin, which is true for most part, however, considering the fact that now a days it is considered to be a regular thing. When anything is done in excess it is bound to be bad for you. Exfoliating helps the skin if done in moderation, when it is being done excessively it often harms new cells and prevents them from being formed. This can make the skin look dry and can cause wrinkles.

2. Smoking

Smoking is the one act that affects almost all the organs in the body, starting from the heart, lungs and it also affects the skin. All of the smoke inhalation can result in the heart and lungs to take damage and they do not perform to the potential they are supposed to. Thus aging you far quickly then at the normal pace.

3. Harsh Cleansers

When we often use harsh cleansers to clean our skin we are actually destroying the very thing that protects us. By using these cleansers we are exposing the skin to several viruses and wrinkles, this can result in you looking above your age as the skin self regenerates, so, therefore it does not require cleansing however, if it still is a choice use less harmful products.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Our body is designed to work in specific timings, however, staying awake at night will cause the body to work overtime and can result in the organs getting weaker as they do not receive the required rest. To help slow down the rapid aging process sleep at night, our body is wired to rest at night and the eight hours of sleep is also necessary to avoid problems of the body, such as pains, diseases, and other problems.

5. Not Exercising Enough

Exercising is really important to keep the body in shape and make sure that all the parts of the body are in fact working at a hundred percent capacity. When we choose not to exercise we are allowing excess fats to stay in our body, these fats are harmful to the organs and to our overall body. Exercising regularly for short periods of time can help your body stay fit and keep you younger than most people of your age.

6. Stress Levels

Stress is in fact somewhat unavoidable, unless stress is managed. Excess stress can often lead us to eat more, or sleep more, or stay up late at night, these are the reasons our body develops several physical and mental problems.

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