7 Common Mistakes That can Damage Your Nails


To get your nails looking their best all the time isn’t that easy. With a busy life, we don’t usually get time to go to the salon regularly, and that may take a major toll on our nails. There are tons of factors that can make or break our nails, so we really need to take care of them. Check out these common everyday mistakes that are damaging your nails. You gotta be careful!

1. Biting Nails

Biting Nails can Demage Your Nails

This is one of the most common habits that mostly people do under extreme stress or just when they are bored. This gross habit can easily be blamed to destroy the nails, and allow bacteria to move from our nails and settle inside our mouth and our body. When you bite nails, a lot of food and other junk stuck under the nail can also enter the mouth. Biting nails will never result in a smooth surface of the nails and this can cause the nails to get stuck in fabric and break off which can result in pain.

2. Scratching Off Nail Paint

Scratching Off Nail Paint can Demage Your Nails

Girls, if you put nail polish on then refrain from scratching it off. Removing the polish this way can result in a damaged nail. The nail has a lot of layers on it and if we scratch the nail polish with our nail we would risk removing a layer of the nail, which results in the nail having a bad shape and is open to bacteria.

3. Not Eating Healthy

Not Eating Healthy can Demage Your Nails

Just like our body, our nails also respond differently to different foods, in this case eating junk food will damage the nails. As the nails are alive, because of the blood in our body, eating junk will change the color of the nails and cause damage to the skin around the nails and the nails strength. Healthy eating will make sure that the nails and the skin will be strong and fight off bacteria.

4. Gels and Acrylics

Gels and Acrylics can Demage Your Nails

We all go to the parlor and get our nails done once a while. Usually we get the stylist to put gel on our nails or acrylics, so as to stand out, because we love colorful nails. However, in order to put this stuff on our nails usually the lady has to clean and buff the nails, this is bad for the nails as it can make the nail so thin that it becomes weak and prone to breakage. After that comes the soaking. If not water, it’s a chemical bath and that can further damage the nails. Not to mention the chemical in the gel and the acrylic are harmful on their own.

5. Ditching the Base Coat

Ditching the Base Coat can Demage Your Nails

Like any wall you paint, first comes a basic coat and then the actual color you desire that’s the same thing with nails. If you have ever wondered what is the reason that your nails have some residue color on them after you have removed the polish or gel. This is because you did not apply a base coat. Usually if the nail has a different color than usual, it is best to wash them.

6. Drowning Hands in Water for Longer

Drowning Hands in Water for Longer can Demage Your Nails

Usually women in our country spend a lot of time with their hands in the water doing dishes and laundry which can cause your nails to become weak. Always wear gloves when doing chores to prevent any nail damage. Nails can be damaged by excess water and this makes them lose moisture and thus making the nails weak and brittle.

7. Using Nails for Heavy lifting

Using Nails for Heavy lifting can Demage Your Nails

Opening a can of soft drink, scratching something, and even using nails to pull something out, these are activities that we do usually with our nails. We need to understand that nails are easy to break and this may also cause a lot of pain and visits to the doctor. Find More For Nails

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