5 Ways to Show your Support for Breast Cancer Patients


October is the breast cancer awareness month. A lot has been done to increase awareness about the disease globally, but Pakistan is still far behind. Most of us want to spread awareness about the disease that claims the lives of a number of Pakistani citizens. However, we often find ourselves at a loss when it comes to show support for breast cancer patients. Following are some ways for you to do just that:

1.      Educate Yourself

Educate Yourself

Do you know that every 1 in 9 women in Pakistan is at the risk of developing breast cancer? If not, it is time for you to find more information about it. Spread your knowledge after that. Get yourself checked and find out if you are at a personal risk of developing the disease. Talk to your doctor and sign up for letters from organizations that are working to prevent breast cancer.

2. Donate

Another great way to show your support for those suffering from breast cancer is to make donations to organizations that are working for the cause. There are a few institutions that are doing so in Pakistan. Help them in their cause with monetary contributions. You can also do your own fundraiser events. It will simultaneously generate donations and increase awareness.

3. Fight the Stigma


Most importantly, we need to support the breast cancer patients by fighting off the stigma that is attached to the disease. Mastectomy is still considered a taboo topic. People find it hard to digest that breast cancer is real and often react inappropriately. We need to change that attitude. Moreover, we need to provide emotional support for the ones suffering from it. You can volunteer to work for institutions treating breast cancer patients.

4. Making Screening Accessible

There are various problems with healthcare service in our country. While the private clinics are better in terms of quality, their costs are rather high. On the other hand, the public sector has some serious flaws that need addressing. In a situation like this, we need to ensure that breast cancer testing is made accessible to all, especially for women above 20 years of age. This needs to be done independent of their status and financial situations.

5. Increasing Awareness

Breast-Cancer-Awareness-October (1)

Not only should you have yourself screened for breast cancer, you must also encourage your family and friends to do so. This will show them how much you care for their health. Moreover, early detection could help someone survive the battle against the brutal disease. If you love them, then get them screened for breast cancer.

Bottom Line

This October do not forget your pink ribbon when going out. If people ask about it, you will get the perfect chance to share information. Let them know how important it is to get screened. Tell them the numbers and why is it especially important for Pakistani population to get themselves checked. It is high time we start talking about breast cancer than shying away from it.

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