10 Unusual Uses of Garlic


Garlic can be used in many ways. We often don’t realize that everything that God has made has a greater purpose. So is garlic. Garlic is meant for something great and here you will find out that how useful garlic can be when you use it for these unusual jobs.

1. Garlic Cures the common Cold

For many years garlic has been used to help treat several ailments; however, did you know that garlic can help cure a cold or cough. However, research is still going on, but early signs show that garlic contains several properties to help you get rid of cold.

2. Cures Acne

Garlic is known to have several antibacterial properties which make it a great cure for acne. Simply cutting a clove in half and rubbing it on the affected area can help clear up your skin. (Do not overdo it. Try on a small patch of your hand first).

3. Cold Sores No More

Like acne, cold sore is one of those ailments which can be very irritating. Fair warning, this treatment hurts. Just like the acne, rub the halved clove of garlic onto the area. In several cases it has been shown to completely cure the sores.

4. Treats Athletes Foot

Like yourself, garlic hates fungus, so much so that you will probably never see fungus growing on garlic. Therefore, using garlic to cure your athletes foot might be an opportunity as it has been proved to do wonders. Maybe you and garlic can be the best of friends after this.

5. Pesticides

You would not believe this one, but garlic can be used to remove dangerous pests from your garden or plants. There are several DIY methods to use garlic as a natural pesticide. So, say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello organic chemicals.

6. Mosquito Repellent

We never know when buying a mosquito repellant, what effect it would do on our skin, whether it is harmful or not. Garlic can also be used to kill mosquitoes. A theory is in the air that mosquitoes hate garlic and can be used to remove them from your house. Simply apply the garlic on your body so that you are safe from all bloodsuckers.

7. Repairing Glass

Well this is actually not what you think, If you shatter a glass on the floor, garlic cannot fix that. Just thick gel of garlic can help being a cheap glue that can help you keep the thing in place. Just rub the garlic stickiness in hairline cracks, it acts as a natural adhesive and make sure that you have the glass in one piece and can prevent further damage.

8. Glue the Envelop

Just like repairing the hairline cracks in a glass, garlic is a natural adhesive and it can be used to basically stick things together. It works best with paper and envelopes. If you can live with the smell of garlic then we recommend using it as a glue and going organic.

9. De-Ice your Freezer with Garlic

Usually in places that have a lot of snow, or even your deep freezers or fridges. Using salt and garlic can help melt away the ice and the trouble you are facing because of the ice.

10. Garlic as a Surface Cleaner

Just like many surface cleaners in the market this one will be a smelly but organic surface cleaner. Just use a bunch of garlic cloves and toss them in white vinegar in a spray bottle and use it as a disinfectant spray.

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