Keep Cool, And All Else Will Follow


People who are “cool” always get ahead in life. They get better jobs, promotions or raises, better friends, and relationships are always cool. Cool in this sense does not mean wearing the trendiest clothes, faking an accent or hanging out with a crowd that’s showy and often superficial. Rather, cool means that someone thinks and acts in a calm, relaxed manner. When you think about a person who is cool, the perception that should come into your mind is that person is confident, unique and friendly. Everyone wants to be cool, but remember, it requires a change in your attitude, self-assessment, adjustment and practice. Coolness is a state of mind, and you will never be cool if you are always worried about what other people think of you. Be comfortable with yourself, be confident, and you will notice eventually people want to follow you rather than you following other people. Read on to learn how you can become cool.

Be Aware of the Way Others Perceive You

Sure, great minds think alike, but two people can never really think equally. So, don’t worry about how people judge you, and always remember that you will never be able to please everyone. Though you not want to think about how people judge you, you should rather keep in check on how they perceive you. People’s perception about others usually are in terms of physical appearance and body language. Which brings the next point of presenting your-self positively.

Present Yourself in a Positive Manner

Always show confidence through body language. Keep a straight posture and look straight ahead when you walk. With this, whenever you are talking to someone, always look at them in their eyes. Slouching and looking down or around will create a bad impression, and people will see that as weakness. You need to appear and feel confident to receive the respect and allow yourself to show people you are cool.

Be Different

Whether you want to stand up for yourself, defend someone else’s view, or want to do something that no one else does, you should do it. Its important to be different and unique. The people who stand out from others by being different, eventually will be perceived as cool and become leaders, not followers. When people argue against you, be cool and disregard their comments casually.

Speak Out

People who talk confidently and at a normal pace are observed as cool. Don’t talk fast, and don’t mutter. Speak clearly and remain confident. Conversational style is the best key in being cool.

Be a Good Conversationalist

As I mentioned above, someone who is a good conversationalist and will be seen as cool, someone who is calm when they speak. When you listen to the other person and don’t interrupt, and form your thoughts and then speak, that leads to a good conversation, and you become cool.

Don’t Be Overly Eager

Outgoing is good, and everyone likes people who are outgoing and life to have fun. However, they don’t like people who are overly excited to a point of becoming irritating. Remain a cool image by striking a balance between friendly and too eager.

Look Cool

When you look calm and relaxed, you look cool. Your appearance increases the confidence and at the same time, changes the way people look at you. When I say appearance, I don’t mean how you look or your beauty, but how you carry yourself and how you act.

Be Independent

You don’t always need to have a crowd around you to look cool, nor do you need to seek approval from others. Even when you are sitting alone, you don’t need to be overwhelmed. Show others that you don’t need to rely on others and you will look cool.

Take Deep Breaths to Reduce Stress

Stress shows on the face and through your body language. When you look and feel stressed, you won’t look as if you cool and calm. To reduce your stress on the spot, take 10 deep breaths to relax and cool you down. Deep breathing sends oxygen to your brain and not only will you be able project confidence, but you’ll feel cool.

Maintain Your Coolness

Most of the time, people who are seen as cool, do not get overly excited about things, rather they present themselves in a positive manner. It might be easy to be cool for one day, but ensuring you maintain your coolness is important. Always learn how to deal with people and make sure you don’t get frustrated and angry. Be true to yourself and you will project your coolness to others. Don’t confuse yourself with being cool and being popular. Being cool is a state of mind, while popularity is a trend. If you have goals, then you should make out a plan.

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