Karachi to be hit with a new heatwave


Meteorologists have projected a new short term heatwave in certain regions of Sindh, especially Karachi, for the next three days.

Meteorologists had been studying the development of the weather depression in the Bay of Bengal and parts of Pakistan for the past couple of weeks. They had analyzed that a change in the upper-level jet streams would start occurring from the night of September 18th 2015, stopping the sea breeze.

The condition will likely influence the temperature of Karachi and other parts of Sindh for a short term, causing a severe heatwave. Investigating the alarming situation, meteorologists said it would begin from September 18th, and continue on for the next 72 hours.

In Karachi the expected temperatures are likely to rise up to:

Saturday – 42*C
Sunday – 43*C
Monday – 40*C (strong thunderstorms in spots)

Though the ‘feel’ of these temperatures may rise up to 45*C.

It is also expected that the humidity levels would rise up to 55% and 75%, further increasing the chances of dehydration and heat strokes. Following the heatwave, few spells of strong rain are expected in the province from Monday onwards.

Experts advise the public to take precautionary actions:

  • Keep a check on water intake – stay hydrated.
  • Avoid going outside if not important.
  • Try keeping homes cool.
  • Eat light – human body warms up during the break down process.
  • Keep water source for birds and animals in the open.

As Eidul Azha is just ahead, people should take care of the shelter and water of the animals to be sacrificed as well.

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