Do You Play Sports? These 5 Tips Will Help You Stay Healthy


If you’re passionate about sports you must have experienced long hours of practice, intense physical exercise and rigorous training. This level of physical activity takes its toll on the body. It utilizes the body’s stores of energy and essential nutrients which need to be replenished to keep the body functioning at its very best. Your dietary schedule should be designed to support your physical activity, while simultaneously enhancing your performance.
These 5 tips have been tried and tested by several athletes and have lead to successful results.  Why don’t you give them a shot too? With the right nutrition you will feel strong, healthy, and have the power to push yourself to perform better.

Always Eat Breakfast

Always start your day with a healthy and nutrition packed breakfast. An ideal breakfast for an athlete (or anyone who is physically ative) must include whole grain carbohydrates, proteins and fruits. Common examples are, Quaker Oats, bananas and milk or alternatively scrambled eggs with orange juice and whole wheat bread would do the magic and supplement an athlete with enough energy while keeping them healthy and fit.

Small Snacks Between Meals

Taking small meals or snacks in between the bigger meals is always an energy booster. Most individuals, eat minimally during the day time, and consume food mostly in the evening. This practice does not yield any good results, because it slows down the metabolic rate. Which in turn reduces the consumption of food and resultantly the body has lesser energy to dispense. For a high-powered snack, munch on high fiber grains and protein, such as banana, peanut butter, and jelly on whole wheat bread, cheese, crackers or even nuts.

Carbohydrates Are Good For You

Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy for the body. Glycogen present in the muscles provides the energy for all the physical activity that you do. Muscle glycogen is the name given to glucose reserves stored and located in the muscles. In order to replenish them carbohydrates must be consumed right after a training or workout session. Carbohydrates which should ideally be consumed after a session are bagel, cereal, banana, fruits or yogurt.

Always Stay Hydrated

Intense workouts and training sessions make you sweat a lot. In order to replace the lost fluids, your fluid intake should be increased. If fluid intake is not handled correctly it could lead to dehydration. Water, juices, watery fruits, such as water melon and grapes, and sports beverages should be consumed in order to balance the fluids lost during exertion.

Cut Down On Fatty Foods and Sugary Snacks

Consumption of foods with high sugar and fatty content can lead to a number of diseases including diabetes, obesity and heart ailments. Foods like whole grains, low fat milk, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins keep you healthy, reduce the risk of developing such diseases and enhance your athletic performance.

Stay Fit, Stay Active, Stay Healthy

The importance of good nutrition cannot be emphasized enough, so always make sure that your diet can meet the requirements of your demanding activities. If you work with a fitness trainer or sports coach, consult them for a personalized nutrition plan according to your level of training, body type, and physical activity. However, the 5 tips that we’ve discussed so far will keep your body healthy and strong.

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