Pearls of Wisdom By a Mother


‘Your mother knows best’ is not a new phrase; we’ve heard it before innumerable times. Perhaps it is linked to the fact that mothers are those selfless beings who care for their children with astounding magnanimity. From the day the child enters into this world till the time that she has the capability to do so, a mother will forever look out for her child. Part of this protective nature is expressed in the form of priceless nuggets of advice, which mothers lovingly dole out in the hope that their children will derive guidance and clarity from it.

Since Mother’s day is just around the corner, Team HTV decided to compile some significant words of wisdom to remind us about the beauty of what our mothers taught us.

Age Is Just A Number

Overtime you will realize that your attitude towards life can be a predictor of how old you feel. Think about all the people you are personally acquainted with, or those that you have met in passing. There are people who, at the age of 40, are riddled with fatigue and weakness, while others at the age of 60 are actively engaged in making the most of their lives. Live your life to the fullest because this life is a gift. It is your duty to cherish it and develop your potentials to their utmost capacity.

Make Time For People

When you look back on your life you will not think about all the material things you owned, but the people who meant something to you. Care for the people who matter to you, treasure those who are ready to be by your side at any time of the day or night, and be kind to everyone because you never know what challenges they might be facing in their lives.

Cherish Your Family

The importance of family cannot be emphasized enough. It is with family that you learn to share grief, learn to love and respect one another, and experience the joys of celebrating moments of happiness. Your family is your support group, your backing when you need help, and your source of comfort and stability. Misunderstandings and arguments are a part and parcel of every family, but it is your duty to stay united despite all of these minor relationship hurdles along the way.

Never Give Up Hope

Life is full of challenges; it wouldn’t be life if it didn’t have its fair share of ups and downs. Does that mean that you should retreat when faced with obstacles in life? No, you should keep on persevering, believe in your skills and potential, and try your best to achieve your goals. Never underestimate the importance of effort: you may not win every time, but the effort that you put in will make you strong. Never be afraid to experiment with new things because these experiences will help you develop courage, patience, stamina and confidence.

Be Grateful For What You Have

The secret to happiness in this life is to be thankful for, and content with what you have. Unfortunately, greed and self-pity have a knack of ensnaring people but you should make a conscious effort to sidestep that pothole. Strive to achieve greater heights but always remember your roots and never forget that what you have earned can just as easily be lost. Material possessions are transient, so be generous with what you have and be thankful for everything that you have been blessed with.

Tell Her How Much She Means To You

You don’t have to wait till Mother’s Day to make her feel special. Tell her you love her every day, thank her for everything that she has done for you, and let her wisdom guide you as you navigate your way through the ups and downs of life. To all the mothers reading this, Team HTV wishes you very Happy Mother’s Day!

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