9 Reasons Why Your Breast Hurt


Don’t freak out and come to the conclusion that breast pain means cancer, because it really does not! Sometimes breast pain can be a serious issue and your entire day can go bad because of the pain making you grumpy. Breast pain can occur due to several reasons and a few of them are discussed below

1. PMS-ing

Breast pain comes as a plus one along with the hormonal changes when your bad days of the month are near. You may feel a little bit of soreness and tenderness. You don’t have to worry about it as it goes away with your periods. Just in case it becomes unbearable, see your doctor. People who use birth control pills do not face such problems.

2. Workout

Go easy on your workout routine. The muscles that lie beneath your breast are called pectoral muscles. Any exercise that will lead to stress on your pectoral muscles can cause discomfort in your breasts. Apply heat pads if the pain is constant or just deal with the pain because it goes away as soon as your muscles start building up.

3. Muscle Pull

It is possible that you pulled your pectoral muscles which lead to you believing that your breast hurt. It could have happened because of strenuous exercise, lifting any heavy material, stretching in the wrong position or even sleeping in an inappropriate position.

4. Bra Size

Do not try fitting in your old bras just because you want to look a size smaller than you already are. The under wires and really tight bras can have serious consequences for your chest. Find the perfect size for yourself in order to stay comfortable throughout the day without doing any sort of damage to your breast tissues.

5. Provide Support to Avoid Breast Pain

If you have got curves, take care of them. Having a large cup size means more support as well. Running and doing any sort of exercise can lead to tissue damage if you do not wear a sports bra or at least a t-shirt bra with proper support. Make sure that you have the perfect bra size for yourself before you get too busy in your sweat session and forget about the consequences that you will have to face later on.

6. High on Latte

Too much coffee and tea can cause discomfort in your upper lady region. According to the studies, more than 2 cups of caffeine daily can alleviate pain and discomfort in the breast tissue. Contact your doctor and ask if you should stop abruptly or take your time in order to quit caffeine.

7. Infection may Cause Breast Pain

Ingrown hair, blocked milk ducts can cause serious discomfort in the breast tissues. Visit your doctor and explain the problem. If you do not take care of your tiny little bump on your breast, it can turn out to be really bad and fatal.

8. Hormones

Hormonal effect carries the potential to cause breast pain. Birth control pills can raise estrogen level in our bodies which leads to soreness. Hormone, replacement therapy and thyroid treatments can also cause soreness and discomfort in breast tissue. Visit your doctor as soon as possible in case you feel any sort of pain, so that the doctor may replace the medicines and control the side effects.

9. Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is known to be a very difficult task and some women just skip this part after giving birth to their babies. During pregnancy your breasts are getting ready to produce milk and that’s why they become really sore, and this is troublesome for many to-be-moms. Contact a lactation consultant to make thing easier for yourself and finding a way out of this constant breast pain.

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