Today’s Horoscope 24th August 2017


Aries (21 March to 21 April)

You think that you are right but that cannot always be true. These minor mistakes can create a lot of problems for you in future. You have to confess that you are wrong, as this would eventually sort out the situation.

Taurus (22 April to 20 May)

It is not surprising that the situation is not normal. Changes in your stars and your way of thinking have caused all these issues. You will keep facing them for a couple of days. If you stay prepared you’ll be able to manage everything easily. You have to be patient and have to act wisely.

Gemini (21 May to 21 June)

Everything that happens to you should be considered a new experience. Then, no difficulty would be difficult enough to bother you. Forget about your past and accept the changes coming in your life. These changes will prove to be a blessing in disguise for you.

Cancer (22 June to 23 July)

You know the art of listening to people and understanding their perspective. You genuinely want to resolve all their issues but that is not in your hands. Don’t try to be Mr. Fix-it-all. You have to so NO to few people. This may hurt them for a while but after sometime they WILL understand.

Leo (24 July to 23 August)

You do not need to take advice from everyone but must respect the suggestions of the people who are close to you. Some of the ideas can even help you to complete your plan. Give importance to your friends and family more than anything.

Virgo (24 August to 23 September)

This is not a good day to take any decision. Try the delaying tactic for a while. If you do not find any option choose one that can be altered in the future. Also, be more careful to decide about marriage. Think twice before saying Yes or No. Trust your own instinct than anyone else.

Libra (24 September to 23 October)

Although you know how to win the heart of people, still it is better not to say much today. Take some time and let things sorted naturally. Don’t be too impatient in the matter of love. You don’t need to be always in hurry. This can ruin the whole situation. Try to improve your image first.

Scorpio (24 October to 22 November)

Although you have taken every step very carefully still you do not know about the twists and turns that are there in your way. Stay prepared. Take your family in confidence. Tell your spouse about your problems she can help you in this.

Sagittarius (23 November to 22 December)

You have been very impatient in your life. You start working on one thing and then you switch your attention to something else. Multi-tasking is a good thing but sometimes it can create problems for you and for others as well. Your work may take more time than it generally takes.

Capricorn (23 December to 20 January)

You are expected to pass your exams with flying colors. Tell your parents about the good news first. They have high hopes from you. Confess your love today. You can take suggestions from friends.

Aquarius (21 January to 19 February)

It is always good to talk to people about things you are worried about. You can get multiple perspectives. You may take some important decisions today. Be aware of your friend-like enemies.

Pisces (20 February to 20 March)

Changes in life will bring happiness for you in future. Do not run away from them. You may face problems in the beginning but in the end everything will turn in your favor. Spend time with your spouse and kids. Go somewhere outside to spend quality time with family.

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