Today’s Horoscope 30th September 2018



Several people are asking for you time at the same time. Use your intuition to tell the difference, because you won’t be able to help them all. A female friend might have the most urgent need. If you can only help one, help her.


You have to come multiple creative tasks today. If you’re professionally involved with writing, a deadline may loom. It could be difficult to get it done because family members and guests could constantly go in and out. The thing might be to go somewhere quiet, and do your work there.


What’s happening in your family today that attracts people around? Some friends may want you to go with them. An hour or two away from your chores certainly won’t hurt. This is a time for having fun!


It seems you too inclined to be generous these days. After all is said and done, you could panic, but don’t. A little belt tightening later is entirely possible, and it won’t hurt you.


You are too tired of meeting people and talking and now you want to sit quietly at home. If friends insist on your going out with them, don’t be afraid to say no. Everyone knows how busy you’ve been. It is time to relax.


You are feeling under the weather today because of indulging into too many goodies. Is one more cake slice is more important than your energy and health? Spend your time in some physical activity.


You never knew you have too many friends. Your phone could be ringing off the hook. Give them the time they need. May be some day you will need a shoulder to cry on.


You will feel that people are not being cooperative around you. Try not to let this faze you too much. Resolve to follow your own instincts and work alone if need be. Start working on your ideas again.


This seems to be a great day to start thinking of concrete ways to make that happen. Why not have a family brainstorming session? It’s not unlikely that you get a piece of advice or two.


You are somewhat disturbed because of issues related to your professional life. This is the ideal time to put specific plans into place for the future.


Your social life was so busy that you didn’t get time for the most special person in your life. Take some time out for that person to say how special that person is in your life.


It’s possible that a big change is in store for you in the near future. If you’ve been toying with the idea of moving, today you may get some news that motivates you to make your fantasy a reality.

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