Today’s Horoscope 1st October 2018



You are keeping on your budget for a while now. So do not be astonished if your find more money in your account to what you were expecting. It’s better to follow the same guidelines.


It seems that you are really working hard for quite some time now. Sue to which, you’ve failed to give attention to the your other responsibilities, like family! Now you should start spending quality time with your loved ones.


It’s good to keep your place clean but you should ne get indulged in these chores too much that you don’t get time for anything else. Start prioritizing your work. You need to take some time out for your spouse as well.


You can’t help if your family feels abandoned because of you right now, as your hectic schedule done not allow you looking anywhere else. It is hard to to cut out things that can wait but you have to do it,


You can deal with your financial matters today. You might get some good news regarding your bank account. You can start the paperwork if you are about to crack a deal in the near future.


You are feeling quite lazy which is also justified. The hectic work you are involved in for the past few days has exhausted you much. Now, it’s time to take the back seat. Let other carry on with the project.


You think of yourself as a practical person, but today your imaginative world would be stronger than the reality. It’s a good thing though. Sometimes your dreams and thought take you place your practical attitude would never be able to.


It is time to find out who your real friends are. Try to do your work on your won today don’t rely on other people to do the job. Trust your capabilities that are enough for you to achieve your objectives.


It is a good to socialize with your colleagues. Everyone will be in a light mood and not much in a working frame of mind. Follow the theme however, keep do not let your work to be ignored.


Your technical skills will help you get a lot of praise today. It seems all that training you’ve done is finally paying off. Any move you make will be for the better.


It’s not surprising if you friend is acting crazy today. It’s the vibe of the time. Evryone seems in a mood to have fun. Be part of the celebration today!


You may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the happenings going on around. You might feel a little awkward at some point.  Take a deep breath, you’re doing just fine.

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