The Do’s and Don’ts of Homeopathy

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Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that needs to be practised with caution. We have narrowed down a list of do’s and don’ts that you can follow to gain full advantage of the treatment method.

Do Take Food Half Hour before Medicine

Do take food at least half an hour before consuming any kind of homeopathic medicine. But once you have had something, make sure you have nothing for the next half hour before you take the medicine.

This is important because the presence of the food could interfere with the absorption of the medication and hinder its effectiveness.

Don’t Touch the Medicine

Avoid touching the homeopathic medicines with bare hands. They mostly come wrapped in paper or some kind of sachets.

Try to put them directly in your mouth or use a clean spatula. The use of your hands can contaminate the pills or power, reducing their potency.

Hence they may not be able to have as significant an effect as desired.

Do Keep Your Doctor Informed

Do continue taking your allopathic medication alongside homeopathic ones after informing the homeopathic expert about them. For example, if you suffer from a heart problem, high blood pressure or epilepsy seizures, then it is best that you take the homeopathy medicines so that the condition does not worsen suddenly. Your specialist will be best able to guide you how to go about the procedure.

So, discuss with them in detail and inform them of all the medicines that you take.

Don’t Keep Them in Sunlight

Do not let leave your homeopathic medicines directly under the sunlight, near strong magnetic rays, close to chemical agents like solvents, paint or even camphor. They can directly impact the potency and make of the medication.

It is best to keep them in a cool, dry, and safe place, away from the reach of children.

Even though most homeopathic medicines are not poisonous, they should not be ingested by little children.

Do Tell Your Doctor You Progress

The treatment isn’t working for you even though you have been taking medicine for 3-5 days? Do get in touch with your trained homeopathic practitioner immediately.

It is essential to inform them of the negative changes or no changes at all.

They will be able to either alter the dosage or change the medicine that you are already taking. Keep in mind that not all homeopathic medications affect every patient the same way. Just because your diabetic friend got better because of a certain drug does not mean it will lower your sugar condition too. Hence, the reason you need consultation and diagnosis first.

Don’t Take Medication without a Prescription

Never take medicine, homeopathic included, without the prescription of an expert.

You don’t know how or what it will for your body.

Keep in mind that there is as of yet not too much research available and you won’t be able to Google all the information easily. You will need the help and knowledge of a trained homeopathic specialist for the administration of the right dosage and accurate medication. So get a proper check-up before beginning any kind of homeopathic treatment.

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