What To Do When Your Weight Gets Stuck?


You have been eating right, working out, and doing everything to lose weight, but somehow the scale has stopped moving, why? This indicates that you have reached your weight loss plateau.

You must be wondering what weight loss plateau is? When the calories you burn equal the calories you eat, you reach a plateau. This results in your weight getting stuck after shredding few kilos at the beginning of your weight loss journey. But no need to worry, here are some ways you can break through the plateau.

Change Your Routine

Change the exercise you have been doing for the past few months. This is because your body gets adapted to the same workout, making the impact less effective. So, rotate your workout routine every now and then.

Replan Your Diet

The calorie intake that you were initially taking when you began your weight loss journey, needs to adjust to match your body’s current needs.

High Consumption of Protein

Eating protein burns more calories during digestion. Protein contains an amino acid that acts as a catalyst for burning body fat. Make sure each meal has a fair protein component.

Get Rid of Nibbles

Cookie, salad dressing, or even sauce may seem like a small part of your daily consumption, but they contribute a lot to your calorie intake and are high in calories. Make sure to get rid of them.

Sleep Better

A full night’s sleep is vital to losing body fat because it resets your hormones. If you don’t fulfill the required sleeping time your body will release stress hormones which lead to body fat accumulation especially around the midsection.

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