Try These Natural Remedies for Gas and Bloating

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Gas and bloating are common occurrences caused by an unbalanced diet and your stomach may feel bulky at times. Anyone who eats food high in carbohydrate or fibers, which are hard to digest, usually face this problem. This may include cabbage, grapes, plums, beans and peas. Moreover, minimize soda. However, there are several natural remedies for stomach gas that may help prevent bloating.

1. Spoonful of Fennel Seeds


Fennel seeds have soothing and relaxing properties, and these can be chewed to calm the stomach and the digestive tract. If you feel bloated, grab a spoonful of ‘saunf’ and chew it after food. This will relax the stomach and enable the trapped gas to pass. You can also make fennel tea from the fennel seed to remedy your stomach problems and refresh your breath as well.

2. Cinnamon Tea for Stomach Gas


Though cinnamon is famous for its aromatic flavor, it also works as a natural remedy for gas and to cure the disturbed digestive tract. Cinnamon tea helps relax the overactive stomach and soothe the stomach muscle spasm that contributes to belching.

3. Beat the Bloat with Ginger Tea


One of the best natural remedies for gas is the use of ginger. Ginger tea is quite effective for stomach discomfort. Drinking ginger tea and eating fresh ginger root often help ease the digestive distress. You can also add some ginger to your meal. If you don’t have ginger at hand, place a chunk of ginger in the boiling water for ten minutes and have it to relief your gassy stomach.

4. Mint to Debloat


Minimize your gas trouble with mint. Mint tea is often used for its efficacy to reduce gas problem and helps promote digestion. Either chew some peppermint leaves or sip a cup of mint tea to soothe your irritable bowel and ease the digestive tract.

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5. A Pinch of Caraway Seeds


Another option to cure your bloated belly is the use of caraway seeds. A pinch of it will do the trick. Very much similar to fennel seeds, caraway seeds help alleviate the stomach discomfort, belching and cramping. Eat a pinch of caraway seeds (Kaala Zeera) or else make a cup of warm tea for its soothing effects.

6. Add Some Parsley


Another herb to add to your diet is parsley. Use of parsley to food keeps bloating far away. Add it to your food as freshly minced or in the dried form, it helps tackle the complaints that may contribute to indigestion, gas or cramping stomach.

7. Dandelion Tea for Stomach Bloat


Another addition to the herbs that help cure the symptoms of digestive discomfort and irritable bowel syndrome is dandelion. It is a weed that has several health benefits, one of which is relieving bloating and gas. Either drink tea extracted from the herb or you can also add it as a dried spice to your food as a bonus.

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