Stay Warm and Healthy This Winter


We all know that winter is not only accompanied by cold, chilli weather; it also brings health risks that can affect different people in different ways. But, with a few minor changes to your lifestyle, it is possible to look and feel healthy while beating the chills.

Rest more. Get a bit more rest by going to bed early (9:30 to 10:00) and getting up before dawn.
Heat up. Stay warm your body by having hot and cooked, soupy foods. One of our top favourite winter food is mung dhal kitchari.
Add more nutrient-rich food to your diet. For example, add healthy oils to your food, such as ghee, sesame and olive oils, nuts, and seeds.
Spice up your meals! Use herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and fenugreek for flavouring teas and foods, these spices will also keep your body warm from inside.
Try relaxing massage every alternate day with warm sesame oil to maintain your skin. This is the best oil to moisturize the body and fight off winter dryness.
Meditate! It’s good to do meditation daily in the morning upon arising and before dinner. 20 minutes twice a day is ideal; even a few minutes of “peaceful meditation” helps reduce mental stress.
Eat lots of fruit and vegetables to ward off winter colds and flu. Have hot meals and hot drinks to keep your body warm and healthy
A beauty tip to avoid heels cracking, is to massage them with petroleum jelly or olive oil. Then cover your feet with socks. This will make your feet soft, supple and crack free.


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