Diabetes and Diet: Top 7 Foods for Diabetes


Diabetes is unfortunately one of the leading diseases in the world. It is a systemic disease that affects every part of your body. Diabetic patients have a compromised immunity; hence, they are more prone to other diseases and infections. Their body’s healing capacity is also decreased as compared to a non diabetic patient. Type 2 diabetes, however, which is developed later in life, can be controlled if taken care of. Diabetes changes your life forever, but you can still maintain a quality of life by taking care of what you eat.

Diabetic patients should go for foods with a low glycemic index and high nutrition value.

“The glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load offers information about how different foods affect blood sugar and insulin levels. High GI foods spike your blood sugar rapidly, while low GI foods have the least effect on blood sugar.”

Here is a list of some superfoods that are great for diabetic patients.

1. Beans

Beans, whether kidney or black eyed (or any other); are great for your health. You can have them in soups, salads, or in curry form. Beans are high in fiber, magnesium and potassium. These legumes are recommended by nutritionists for anyone who is trying to lose weight or gain muscle. ½ cup provides as much protein as an ounce of meat without the saturated fat. You can use canned beans, but be sure to drain and rinse them to get rid of as much sodium as possible as it can increase the blood pressure.

2. Citrus Fruits

citrus food

Lemons, oranges, peaches- take your pick! Citrus fruits are amazing for diabetics. If consumed as it is, they are a good source of fiber too. Vitamin C in citrus fruits helps in making collagen and also increases the body’s healing. It avoids easy bruising and bleeding of the gums, which are common in diabetic patients.

3. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatos

Sweet potatoes should replace normal potatoes in your life if you are diabetic, as they have a low glycemic index. They lower the insulin resistance in the body and with that lower the blood-sugar levels. They help reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) from the blood as well.

4. Sea Food

sea food

Add fish or other seafood in your diet at least twice a week. Whether it’s in the form of a tuna sandwich, or a prawn salad; it’s extremely important to have seafood in your diet routine. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which balance your body’s hormones and metabolism (extremely important in diabetes).

5. Whole Wheat


Replace regular processed flour with whole wheat. Even if you are having buns, pasta or a Chapati, try to get whole wheat ones as the regular flour is very starchy and shoots up the glucose level. When you make this a part of your routine, other factors, such as, weight problems and constipation will also be controlled.

6. Leafy Greens

leaf greens

The amount of magnesium leafy greens contains is unbelievably good for you. Just one cup of spinach has 40 percent of all the magnesium you need in a single day. Magnesium balances your blood sugar levels and maintains equilibrium. You can replace the lettuce in your sandwich or salad with spinach. Nuts and beans are also a great source of magnesium.

7. Turmeric


The haldi used in our Karhai and Handis is no less a blessing. Not only it is a famous antibacterial, it also helps cure the inflammation associated with type 2 diabetes.

“Turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that works as well as some anti-inflammatory drugs,” Reardon says.

So, next time you’re having your curry, make sure to add a tad extra turmeric to help your body in numerous ways!

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