Super Health Benefits of Unaab (jujube fruit)


Unaab is a tiny pack of energy, vitamins and minerals that you most likely don’t know about and that is absolutely okay since not everyone has developed the taste for it, so far. The normal dates are and have more sugar content, so people prefer eating those. However, unaab cannot be compared to the normal dates, because both of them have their own significance. Unaab has been used in herbal medicines over the years due to its long list of benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Anti-cancer

It acts as an antioxidant thus, the extracts from unaab inhibit cancer cells, especially leukemia. You can’t obviously depend on it only, but taking precautions is always a good idea. It keeps your body radical free and makes sure that there are no injuries caused to the liver which may lead to cancer.

2. Unaab for Weight loss

You don’t necessarily have to stop yourself from eating to lose weight. You can eat and yet lose weight.
Munch on unaab whenever you feel hungry. That will help you get over the craving and also burn down a few calories. Fitness freaks are usually crazy about unaab, apples and melons.

3. Calms Your Nervous System

Believe it or not, but this red date acts as a sedative and an anti-depressant. It calms down your nervous system, so if you are going through a tough time, munch on unaab.

4. Strengthens Immune System

Winters are amazing but also brings along cold that makes you stay in bed for days. Have lots and lots of unaab as it makes your immune system stronger to fight of these random colds. The jujube fruit is rich in vitamin C and A which makes our immunity stronger.

5. Unaab for Anti-aging

If nothing else tempts you to eat unaab then you need to know that it has vitamins and mineral that act as anti-ageing agents. Who doesn’t want to have a flawless looking skin and look young even at 50. Unaab acts as an anti-oxidant which basically eradicates all the harmful substances in our body.

6. For Bones and Muscles

You are probably wondering how a fruit can help you with muscles, but unaab does! It has calcium and phosphorus which keep our bones and teeth strong. The low calorie count in unaab can make sure that you belly remains flat and toned regardless of the number of unaabs you have already munched on all day long.

7. Blood Pressure

Unaab has been known to be very useful for patients suffering from blood pressure issues. It doesn’t lower your blood pressure or vice versa. It maintains it after bringing it to the right count and promotes normal pumping of blood.

8. Insomnia

People suffering with insomnia due to whatsoever reason, should totally try consuming unaab. It helps improve your sleep cycle.

9. In Teabags

In china, the pulp of red date if often added to the teabag before using it. Unaab acts a sweetener and also a herb that is a cure to many diseases.

10. For Wounds

Desi moms are always doing things at home to cure little wounds. Unaab, after being grinded, turns into a paste that can be put on the abscess to let it heal.

11. Unaab For Skin

Unaab is simply amazing for skin. Its extract can directly be applied all over skin to remover facial laugh lines. It has vitamin C which is good for your skin. Find More : health and fitness tips

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