Avoid Food Coma during Ramadan


Ramadan is all about sabar, especially when it comes to not eating or drinking anything for consecutive 15 hrs, yet during Iftar, we tend to overeat everything that is on the table and then go into a food coma. But this Ramadan, let’s do things a little differently by following these tips

Hydrate your Body

The one thing you must follow during Ramadan is to drink plenty of water. We should all make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day so that our body is properly hydrated during the fast. This will not only keep our hunger at the bay but also we will be less likely to munch on everything during iftar.

Start with Small

Always make sure to begin your Iftar by eating something small such as dry fruits or dates that are high in calories. Meanwhile, you can plan what to eat next. Just make sure that you are being selective and know what’s best for you and your body.

Chew Slowly

When it’s time for Iftar everyone rushes to shove down as much food as they can, which can lead to a food coma. Rather than getting chaotic around the table and binge eating everything, you should enjoy every bite, chew slowly, and be thankful to Allah.

Balanced Sehri

Healthy, packed with protein, and balanced Sehri will keep your stomach full all day long. This will not only make you active but also will reduce the feeling of eating everything during Iftar.

Exercise After Iftar

People who use Ramadan as an excuse to skip exercise, are doing wrong. Exercise is a necessity even during this blessed month, it can lower the tendency of overeating and it will also make you feel energetic throughout the day.

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