Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Fennel Seeds


Fennel is an aromatic herb belonging to the parsley family. Used as a spice, fennel seeds or Saunf possess a bold sweet taste. As far as the Mediterranean cuisine is concerned, it has a place in the ingredient list of every dish. Through this article we will be shedding light on the amazing benefits of eating fennel seeds.

1. Prevent Bad Breath

Fennel seeds or saunf are labelled as great mouth-fresheners. Consisting of a wide array of aromatic oils they greatly help get rid of bad odour from the mouth. They also help increase the saliva production secreted in your mouth, which helps cleanse of your oral cavity particles and also kick-starts the digestion process. Apart from the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, they also help soothe the infected gums.

2. Menstrual Pain Relief

Fennel seeds assist in regulating a good amount of blood flow in the pelvic and uterine area in the females. This fantastic property of the seeds plays a great role in relieving the highly aching menstrual pain in the females. The authenticity of this fact can be proved by numerous researches who emphasize on the fact that women who had fennel seed extracts during their periods found substantial relief from menstrual pain.

Fight Water Retention Eat Fennel Seeds

3. Fight Water Retention

Having great diuretic properties, the fennel seeds are said to be excellent in fighting water retention or edema. So, taking advantage of the same property, you can also incorporate the use of these seeds during weight control.

4. Fennel Seeds Keep Skin Healthy

Fennel seeds are also great for your skin. Being a powerhouse of anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties, the fennel seeds have a great impact. To keep the problem of acne at bay, the solutions made from mincing these seeds helps release the anti oxidative properties which help you get rid of the ailments caused by the oxidative stresses. It also keeps your skin toned, bright and healthy. Saunf is also known to beat the signs of dark spots as well.

Regulation of Blood Pressure Eat Fennel Seeds

5. Regulation of Blood Pressure

Fennel seeds are a rich source of nitrite and nitrates. These two compounds are responsible for two very important processes in the human body. First is angiogenesis, which means the origin of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones and the other one is vasorelaxtion, which means the relaxation of the blood vessels. Potassium is also found in a high amount in the fennel seeds. Since potassium is responsible for the control of body fluids and blood pressure, so the fennel seeds also contribute to that matter as well.

6. Fennel Seeds are Anti-cariogenic

Saunf is also an anti-cancer or anti-cariogenic agent. This property is because of the presence of high amount of manganese. This mineral is used by the human body to produce an enzyme with anti cancer properties, called as superoxide dismutase. Contributing more to the anti-cariogenic property is the presence of phyto-nutrients which help eradicate the oxidative stresses, which results in prevention of the cancerous effects caused by the free radicals. It is said to be a great chemo modulating agent in the cancers of skin and breast.

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