Amazing Benefits of Ash Gourd


Ash gourd, also known as Loki, is a green vegetable popularly eaten in Pakistan. This vegetable is nutritious, low in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals. It has high water content and is mostly used in weight loss diet plans in a form of smoothies, juices, and salads. Let’s find out other benefits of Ash Gourd.

Moisturizes Skin

Who doesn’t like naturally moisturized skin? and it is really easy to achieve that glowy, radiant skin with ash gourd gel. It is rich in emollient Vitamin E, which also has antioxidant properties, that help in sunburns and rashes, soothes the skin leaving it soft and completely moisturized.

Promotes Hair Growth

Ash gourd is also great for hair follicles. Its gel has a multitude of vitamins and minerals which not only moisturize the hair scalp, preventing dandruff but also maintains the thickness and stability of hair.

Kidneys Cleanse

Ash gourd helps in the detoxifying of kidneys. The juice of ash gourd boosts the secretion of fluids within the kidneys that help in getting rid of any toxins and at the same time properly hydrate the internal organs.

Promotes Weight Loss

Low calories, high dietary fiber, and water content in ash gourd make it excellent for people aiming to shed some extra pounds. Its fiber content provides fullness and satiety. It averts food cravings and helps reduce overall calories intake and overeating.

Helps in Digestion

Ash gourd has a cooling effect on the body. It is high in soluble fiber, excellent for our gut health, promotes the growth of good bacteria, and keeps the colon healthy by alleviating ingestion like constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.

Promotes Healthy Heart

This vegetable is great for promoting a healthy heart. It can be consumed as salad, juice, or smoothies that can improve the circulation of blood to and from the heart, ensuring optimal functioning of cardiac muscles.

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