8 Possible Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormonal imbalances majorly happen because of the food that we eat, and more commonly by stress. However, there are many other causes that may cause hormonal imbalance.

1. Age

Hormonal changes occur in different stages of life. First the puberty hits and then it takes a long time for the hormones to balance. The whole thing ends with menopause. It is natural, but an unhealthy lifestyle can alter all of this.

2. Adrenal Hormonal Imbalance

Stress plays a major role in hormonal imbalances. If it becomes chronic then the cortisol level increases and the hormones start lagging. This induces the use of progesterone which ultimately decreases and the estrogen becomes dominant. This can cause a lot of problem like decreased libido, weak bones, depression, muscle wearing and lower immunity.

3. Insulin Resistance

Insulin balances blood sugar in the body. Insulin is a hormone that carries glucose to the cells as a fuel. When too much sugar lands into the blood that it gets out of control and becomes a habit then this leads hormonal imbalance which causes diabetes. Researches show that this could be a cause of breast cancer as well.

4. The Food that You Eat

Whatever you eat somehow has an effect on your body. The food that most of us have an access too is not good enough. The first key to a healthy living is organic food which most of us don’t eat at all. Even the vegetables and fruits have chemicals on them let alone the canned ones.

5. Steroids

Steroids literally turns your whole system upside down. It’s a treatment for a lot of things but you have to go through lots of side effects. The broiler chicken that you eat considering it all protein is full of steroids. A lot of women are facing trouble with their cycles and it’s usually PCOS. The only thing that their doctors tell them to avoid is chicken, because steroids contributes to hormone imbalances. Surprisingly the packed milk is also not in its pure form and has a lot of preservatives in it which can cause hormonal imbalance.

6. Stress

Stress and fatigue disrupts your normal body system. Some people seem to gain weight when they are stressed out while some lose weight. It disturbs your hormones to a whole new level. Sometimes you end up losing a good chunk of hair including your eyelashes and eyebrows which is pretty messed up, because it takes a lot effort to grow hair back. The problem in women is that they stress out too much and then their hormones stop working the way they are expected to.

7. Weight

Weight can cause hormonal imbalance and increase the male hormones in females. This also causes facial hair growth. Other than all the other, problem, weight gain can mess up your hormones and delay your cycle up to months. PCOS patients are always advised by their doctors to lose weight to try fixing the problems.

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8. Hormone Therapy

Women with less testosterone may experience low libido and a dry vagina. This is most certainly a game of hormones. Women with facial hair are given testosterone (male hormone) to reduce the amount of hair on her face.

All of the above mentioned can be a cause of your hormonal imbalance, so make sure that you know what you are treating. Lose weight, control sugar and avoid steroids to make sure that your body is healthy and no hormonal imbalance is there to put you through all the trouble out there.

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