6 Foods that may Cause Acidity


As a Pakistani we live to eat, whether it is food at home or a local restaurant. Food drives us and is usually a way for the entire family to connect, friends to hangout or the perfect date option. Food is a big part of our lives, however, it all changes when our favorite food, the same dish we have been eating all our lives, or some random food causes acid reflux or acidity then we shun that food for the rest of our lives. Acidity can often reach to an extent that it may feel like the chest is on fire or a person is having a heart attack. Here are six foods that cause acidity.

Foods that Cause Acidity

1. Chocolate

Chocolate that may Cause Acidity

For everyone who loves chocolate in any form, well this news might ruin your day. Chocolate is one of the foods that may cause acidity and consuming large amounts can be very dangerous. There are a lot of substances in chocolate such as Theo-bromine, which is a chemical that is prone to cause acid reflux. Chocolates also have a high ratio of fat and it is made from cocoa, both are large contributors of acidity.

2. Soda

Soda that may Cause Acidity

Carbonated beverages or soda have become a regular part of our lives, mainly taken with other foods. It is common news that soda has a lot of chemicals and gases. Many of these chemicals and gases cause acid reflux. They cause pressure in the stomach and as the pressure rises the level of acidity also increases. Coming to the main ingredient, caffeine is also a culprit that causes acid reflex. All carbonated beverages are harmful especially for the stomach and should be avoided.

3. Fried Food

Fried Food that may Cause Acidity

Turn those fryers off and quench those flames, any food that is fried causes acidity. The ingredients used in making fried food usually happen to cause acid reflex. Other than that the acidity can also aid in causing heart burn and chest pains. Fried food can be considered a large source of acidity as these days many people eat food outside their homes and prefer anything that is fried. Also, its high fat content is also a cause of acidity.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy Products that may Cause Acidity

Many dairy products that we consume everyday may cause acidity, as many of these dairy products including cheese have lot of fats. Although, these products can be used in small amounts, but large consumptions of these products will eventually cause severe acidity. Therefore, if you crave a lot of cheese or need butter every day with your bread, try and change things up and consume these products from time to time and not regularly.

5. Meat

Meat that may Cause Acidity

Mostly, the meat we buy contains a lot of fat and this fat can be a cause of acidity. The fat in the meat tends to stay in the stomach for longer period of time and dissolves slowly, that is why it causes acidity. The best solution is to not give it up, because as Pakistanis we cannot just give up meat. However, asking for lean cuts of meat and fat free or less fat meats will help cut down on the acidity.

6. Coffee

Coffee that may Cause Acidity

When you wake up and you crave a cup of coffee that will help you wake up, just realize that all that caffeine is just a gateway for acidity. A lot of us drink coffee at least once a day that can be acceptable, but for all of the chain drinkers out there who need more than a cup of Joe, try switching to some other drink  options as caffeine in the coffee is another potential cause of acidity.

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