5 Health Benefits of Crying


Crying is often underrated. While many of us may find it embarrassing to let the floodgates open, it may surprise you how truly beneficial crying can be every now and then.

Read on to know the benefits of crying, and the next time you need to let it all out – don’t hold back! There is nothing wrong with showing vulnerability – you’ll only feel better.

Reduces stress and acts as a mood-booster

While we might not be in the best mood while crying, it can help ease a lot of stress and negative emotions such as anger.

It helps lower blood pressure and flushes toxins.

Crying helps flush several toxins from the body and can also lower blood pressure due to reduced stress. It can also lead to better sleep and a more robust immune system.

Strengthens relationships

Crying in front of someone can be extremely embarrassing for some of us. However, believe it or not, when we cry, we show a side of ourselves that depicts complete vulnerability – this absolute transparency can help strengthen relationships.

Keeps your eyes and vision clear

Like the rest of our bodies, our eyes need to stay hydrated to function properly. Crying not only helps clear your vision by removing any dust particles, dirt and debris but also helps keep your eyes hydrated.

Helps clear the nasal tract

Did you know that your tear clangs are connected to the insides of your nose? crying helps flush out any bacteria and dirt from our noses, just like it does with our eyes.


It’s okay to cry; sometimes it can really do you good, so stop feeling embarrassed or reluctant to show your emotions. Embrace them!

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