5 Foods To Ease Arthritis Pain


Arthritis, which is the medical term for joint inflammation, affects multitudes of people all around the world. Though it varies in degrees of severity, all arthritis sufferers understand the level of pain and discomfort when the disease worsens. The most commonly used method of alleviating arthritis pain is through prescribed medication. While this treatment method may lead to temporary relief, it is not a side-effect free or sustainable cure for arthritis. Natural remedies may take longer to have a noticeable effect but it cannot be denied that they offer a healthier alternative to the conventional prescribed medication

The following foods have been recommended by medical researchers and experts for the lessening of joint inflammation and the pain associated with it. Make it a habit to include them in your regular dietary line-up as frequently as you feasibly can. So, are you ready to find out which natural foods can help to ease arthritis pain? Let’s take a look.

1.     Green Tea

Apart from being an excellent drink to consume for digestion and weight loss, green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties work wonders to calm down joint inflammation and provide relief. Well-stocked with anti-oxidant compounds, green tea inhibits the chemicals and enzymes responsible for affected cartilage quality and lubrication levels between joints. Regular consumption is bound to lead to noticeable improvement in health, not only with respect to arthritis, but in other aspects of physical and emotional well-being also. For more information about the benefits of green tea, read 5 Reasons To Go Green

2.     Banana

This delicious fruit is often recommended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its spectacular ability to rev up energy levels in a healthy way. In addition to numerous other health benefits, the potassium and magnesium levels of bananas promote bone density and prevent pain-causing arthritis symptoms. For many arthritis patients, brittle bones are an unfortunate and worrying consequence of the disease. Bananas can aid in the natural prevention of this health concern. Are you curious to learn about the other benefits of this fruit? Read Powerful Reasons To Eat Bananas to find out.

3.     Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids have become quite popular among health circles for their positive effects on the body’s cardiovascular system. Salmon, along with some other fish species, contains generous proportions of omega-3 fatty acids which not only ensure heart health but also lessen joint inflammation. Arthritis patients often experience discomfort and acute joint stiffness in the morning. Omega-3 fatty acids facilitate the alleviation of this stiffness by decreasing inflammation and swelling over time. For the best results, direct your focus on the regular consumption of omega-3 rich foods. Learn more about the copious benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in Health Benefits Of Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids

4.     Blueberries

Succulent and bite-sized, these treats are often used to add that extra special touch to delicious desserts. There’s more to this juicy fruit than meets the eye though, as experts have confirmed that its rich anti-oxidant compounds works tirelessly to enhance physical and mental well-being.  Blueberries have been shown to reduce inflammation and the pain associated with it, as well as joint swelling. So whip up a tall glass of blueberry shake, add a handful to your mid-morning yoghurt snack, or simply have them as they are, to get your regular dose of blueberry goodness.

5.     Orange Juice

Orange juice is well-liked for its refreshing and rejuvenating qualities. Here is another reason to add this drink to your list of favorite foods: high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is not only responsible for strengthening your body’s immune system; it also facilitates the healthy development of bones, teeth and cartilage. Healthy bones and cartilage are essential components of preventing the onset of arthritis, and slowing down its progress once it sets in.

The Takeaway

Arthritis is a disease that often sets in slowly and worsens over time. With early detection and a healthy diet tailored to preventing the deterioration of the condition, you can limit and eventually stop the dependence on prescribed medication. Please be advised that any dietary changes must be approved by your doctor. Your doctor is well acquainted with your medical history and will be able to guide you better especially with respect to a diet that focuses on arthritis alleviation. Team HTV wishes you the best of health and happiness.

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