Spinach to Cure Arthritis


This is a versatile food. It can be eaten raw in a salad or a spinach smoothie. Or it can be and eaten as a dish on its own or added to soups and other dishes. If boiling, use the least amount of water possible for the shortest time. You can incorporate this leafy vegetable in anything that you like from pasta to you salads or even your sandwiches too. This is a must have for your nutritional benefits.

Health matters a lot and eating healthy helps you towards a healthy lifestyle, an intact body and all your vital organs working properly, helping you to live a healthy life. What you eat helps you replenish any absent nutrients, providing your body with the right kind of nutrients in order to boost your levels of energy and ensuring that your organs work fine enough to help you perform your daily tasks and thus enabling you live a healthy life style. Health is taken care off always, in order to do so you must eat healthy stuff.

A lot of foods are available in the market but the best are those that are just right for you. Among all the vegetables, spinach has always been known for it good nutritional value.

There is much knowledge regarding this green vegetable, most famously as the source of Popeye’s strength. When faced with the sight of trouble, pipe-smoking sailor-man Popeye would burst opens a tin of spinach. Once consumed, his biceps would bulge and his new found strength would see him overcome his enemies.

Although there is definitely lots of goodness in those leaves, the legendary statue Popeye bestowed on it is slightly inflated. Those cartoons well in fact depicted spinach quite right. All the attributes that spinach has are health friendly. Thus this veggie right there is a good friend of yours helping you to straighten your organs a great deal.

Nutritional Value

Spinach constitutes of high levels of vitamin A thus providing you with the wonderful immunity boosting, vision protecting and skin enhancing abilities. Now that is the power of this green leaf.

Spinach constitutes of a whooping amount of calcium and vitamin K and a cup of cooked spinach has as high as 12 percent of the daily recommended calcium so now we have a tough competitor of milk, which has enough calcium to prevent any bone losses.

Health Benefits

Spinach contains a good amount of glycolipids thus enabling you fight the development of the tumors and also prevents arthritis.

Spinach thus proves to be a great source of anti oxidants, nutrients which prevent inflammatory diseases, calcium which makes our bones stronger and also vitamins which do wonders to our vision.

Spinach has also been known to improve the levels of your muscle efficiency thus making you stronger.

Spinach contains a lot of iron too and thus contains as much iron as beef. But studies have shown that our body absorbs easily from beef while not so easily from spinach or other plants. Thus it is important to have a portion of beef weekly or as per your nutritionist suggest you.


Taking in the raw leaves of spinach might not be safe for your health and chances are that you might take in the harmful pesticides and the bacteria even if wash the leaves thoroughly. It is therefore important to cook the leaves before you plan to feast on them.

Cooking the leaves for about four minutes would kill almost all the bacteria but if you wish to retain the color and texture of the leafy green then you might cook it for about two minutes or so but it would kill only 99 percent of the bacteria.

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