Top Summer Fitness Tips


Summer is here! It’s the season to enjoy the sun when people opt for beaches, picnics but that doesn’t mean that you skip out on your fitness. In fact, by following your exercise regimes diligently you can enjoy the summers to a far greater extent.

Here are some Fitness tips and workout plans which you need to ponder on to get the results in the summers.

Nutritional Tips

Eat Good and Healthy Food

When it comes to maintenance of your body, eating healthy is the most important. By eating healthy we mean the incorporation of organic foods. The perfect blend of vegetables, fruits and poultry products is the key which will help you to refuel your body.

Smart Eating

Eat more? How is that going to help me achieve my goals earlier? These will be the questions which will be arising after you read the main heading. By eating more, we mean smart eating and eating in proper proportions. The science behind this tip is that the more you eat, the more your body gets into function. The metabolism activation within your body greatly helps in decreasing weight.

Eat With Purpose

Don’t skip on your everyday meals. Make it a habit. The famous cliché “you are what you eat” is there for a reason. Follow a proper diet, eat clean and most of all burn it off in the gym.

In the summers, it depends on you what kind of a training regime you’re following. People opt for strength training, endurance training, fat-loss and many more. Here we’ll further describe in detail what tips to follow for the designated programs.

Strength Training Tips

Target the basics first

Target the basics first. Basics are the most important step towards achieving progress. Incorporate compound exercises in your training regime. This should be done with the proper amount caloric intake of proteins along with other minerals as well. By compound exercises, we mean pushups, bench press, clean press, squats.

Range Of Motion

The proper range of motion is required. The more muscle you use, the more it’ll breakdown, hence more muscle fiber wear and tear.

Heavy Lifting

Target weights from which you can perform 6-8 repetitions or even less. Studies show the more tension your muscle fibers are in motion; there is more tendency of growth of muscle.

Cardio Contradiction

Cardio shouldn’t be given that much importance when you’re training for strength. A brisk walk for 20 minutes for 2-3 days in a week is adequate.

Endurance Training Tips

The Proper Mindset

You have to prepare yourself for this type of training or any other. In this sort of training regimes, HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) is the most common. As the name indicates, it’ll push your body to its maximum stress. Therefore, planning is required.


Exhaustion of muscles will give you benefits. Chin-ups, pull-ups, inverted rows; squats are all those exercises which require more muscle movement. So that means, if you take these working muscles to their max, there will be more growth and conditioning.

Check On The Resting

Rest between sets should be kept in duration of 30-45 seconds as it’ll help you increase your overall endurance levels

Fight That Fatigue

Muscle fatigue is the main enemy when it comes to endurance training. You can reduce the muscle fatigue by drinking beet root juice before a workout. Studies show that beet root juice can actually “increase the stamina by 16%, allowing your muscles to work more.”

Fat Loss Training Tips


Incorporate the use of vegetables, fruits and lean meat. Eradicate the use of processed sugars as much as you can, as they provide a major hindrance in fat loss.


Keeping your body hydrated is one of the basics in any training regime. Drink at least a gallon of water per day. It’ll not only help in fat loss, but also assist the body in performing the proper physiological functions. Studies show that by drinking ice cold water in the morning after waking up can increase the body metabolism by 24%.

Target The Core

Targeting the core is essential when it comes to losing fat. Fat burning of the core, doesn’t mean performing multiple sets of crunches, burpees and what not, but it also highly depends on the kitchen activity. A clean and lean diet along with performing lower body resistance training can help decrease that belly fat.

Miscellaneous Tips

Attire Check

Try to wear lighter fabricated clothes in the heat for better performances.

Proper Time Frame Of Training

Don’t go out for any sort of activity when the sun it at its peak. It’ll not only decrease the performance factor but will also lead to different conditions such as heat stroke, migraines.

Training In Groups

Grab good training partners who are serious about their workouts. You can enjoy with your best mates and workout. The best of both worlds. Find More : Fitness Tips

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