Get Fit With Aqua Fitness


Do you want to take a dip into a different form of exercise? How about aqua fitness? Also called water aerobics, or aquatics, water exercise is one of the best forms of non-impact activities. Just about anybody can participate, from young to the elderly, pregnant women, overweight individuals, and especially individuals who suffer from arthritis and arthritic pain in their joints.

Water is light, and because of this buoyancy, it reduces the weight of a person by at least 90 percent. For a person that is 60 kgs, he/she is 6 kgs in water. This also means that the stress on certain joints such as knees and hips, as well as on bones and muscles is significantly reduced. For this reason, any workout in water – whether you are swimming laps, running in water, or doing biceps curls – will not cause any injury, instead it will lessen the burden on your joints and bones.

Although it may not cause injury, it will, however, provide you with a great workout in the pool. Aqua exercises can involve all elements of fitness – cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility – with the added benefit that it can significantly help you reduce body fat.

Let’s take a closer look at how an aquatic workout is beneficial for you.

Water Exercises Are Not Boring

Running on the treadmill, staring ahead, or working out your arms in front of a mirror can get repetitive and boring. Water exercises are diverse and usually not boring, allowing you to do multiple types of workouts in water with the added benefit of enjoying being in a pool, as it can also be relaxing.

Water Exercises Work Your Heart

Aerobic exercise are those workouts that work out your heart and thus need high amounts of oxygen to meet your energy needs during an exercise. In this case, swimming laps in the pool can greatly work out your heart, strengthening the efficiency at which it can pump blood throughout your body. Keep in mind though, heart rate is usually reduced in water when compared to exercises on land. So even though your heart may not be beating as intensely as it would when running in the park, your heart is still indeed working out with you.

At the same time water exercises are working out your heart, you can burn many many calories in one hour of doing aquatic fitness. According to a research, a person who weighs approximately 84 kg can burn up to 356 calories in that hour. One hour of aqua fitness might seem a lot, but then again, it’s not boring.

Water Adds Resistance

Instead of using weights, the water itself provides the resistance, which is perfect for any strength-training workout. You can work out your legs, arms and chest, all in water without any weights. You can still use light weights, such as 2.5 kg dumbbells, to add even more resistance. There are special weights that are specifically used for aqua fitness, and they won’t hurt your hands.

Water Increases Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of aquatic fitness is is effect on flexibility. For those that struggle to stretch on a hard floor, try performing your stretches in the water. You can move your joints more freely in water, allowing you to have a wider range of motion and in turn greater flexibility.

Your Plan

If you haven’t already done so, you should incorporate some aspects of your workouts into the pool. Not only will it help for those who have joint pain like arthritis, as well as help you lose weight, it can also be a good stress reliever.


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