Fitness for Children: Ways to Make Sure Your Child is Healthy


We hear every now and then how children suffering from health risks and other diseases are increasing in number. So much so that our ears have become desensitized to such stories. Are can’t be a hundred percent sure that we are doing everything right in order to protect the health of children and making sure that our future generations stay healthy?

If anything, we have done the opposite. We do not pay special attention to what our children eat – it just isn’t possible. Children these days eat all kinds of things from everywhere. We cannot simply monitor everything they do. Just to be on the safe side, we tell our kids what they ought to eat and what they ought to do to stay sound of body and mind.

Other than being physically less-capable, kids are losing their sparkle and imagination. We can start blaming everything on gaming consoles, internet and television but we know it’s not the case. What we must do is eradicate such unhealthy activities from our family by involving our children in sports, physical and creative activities.

Involving children in sports is not as difficult as it seems. Staying active and creative is worth the effort. There are distinctive approaches to include youngsters in solid exercises. Here they are:

Prefer walking over using a car

According to a research in University of Western Australia in 2008, walking instead of using a car can play a huge role in lowering the risk of obesity.

Walk to the shops instead of using the car. This way the child will not only have muscular exertion, but will also learn to deal the environment around them. It will open their minds to this present reality and they won’t be investing that time sitting on a sofa watching TV.

Set a good example

Research shows that when parents take part in physical activity themselves, their children are more active. When your child observes you having a healthy schedule, he/she will automatically be inclined towards following you. If you plan to take your child to a nearby park to play with other children, make sure you also brisk walk or stretch nearby to set a good example.

It will be good for you and your kid, consequently bringing about a family change with health as the priority.

Make them join a club

Find a sports club near your house and enroll your child. This way he/she will have to attend the classes daily and sports will become a part of their life. In such clubs they can befriend likeminded children who also have an interest towards staying active, hence forming a healthy friendship. Remember, don’t lock your child to one sport, and help him/her explore more options.

Go low budget and creative

If joining a club is out of your monthly economical budget, then make space at home. Practice yoga or cardio at your house with your child in your garden, roof top, balcony, or just an open room.

Spend time with your child watching arts and crafts segments on TV shows and ask for their criticism towards a certain art piece. Other than that, work with them towards making something creative with you by using recyclable cardboards and boxes. It can be messy, but definitely worth the smile on their faces.

Slowly help them in changing their interest.

If your child spends Saturday morning in watching TV, it’s up to you to give him options and activities that are better for them. Stroll with him/her to the close-by market and to do some groceries. Ask them to help you in the kitchen and come up with food recipes that are both creative and fun.

You and your little ones can also come up with delicious recipes of your own and enjoy your time on the dinner table. So by introducing these habits in your children, you will see improvements in their health. They will not only be strong mentally but also be physically fit.

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