Outdoor Activities – Why They Are Important For Children


It is very common for kids to start owning cellphones from the age of 12-13 or have at least one gadget. We subconsciously train our kids to get attached to devices and technology from a very young age so they can be quieted down and do not disturb their parents. Something we fail to realize is how absorbed kids can be in this world and lose touch with nature. The concept of outdoor activities hardly exists now. The percentage of kids playing sports regularly has decreased as well. Here are some of the advantages we are missing out on by keeping our kids locked in houses all day.

Easily Tired

Although this might not make much sense, but kids can grow tired and bored by sitting indoors all day without any physical activity. This will not only make them hyper, but they will get addicted to technology as an alternative. This is another reason why technology is so widely misused these days, and why cyber bullying is such a common issue. This is because kids have nothing else to do to pass their time.

Outdoor Activities- Why They Are Important For Children

Improper Diet

Since they are not physically active, kids do not feel very hungry. This can have a bad effect on their appetite and growth since they are not getting sufficient nutrients in their diet. This can sometimes lead to malnutrition and deficiencies. Even if kids consume the same amount of food with no exercise, this can lead to kids being overweight and obese.

Weak Immune System

weak Immune System

We are always so worried to keep our kids safe from all kinds of diseases, we hardly let them play outside in the sun or the dirt. While safety measures are important and necessary, parents can go a little overboard. Children should have some experience as to how to deal with small problems by themselves. It is okay sometimes if your kid has a scraped knee or falls down. That’s how kids learn!

Weak Mental Health

Everybody needs a little time to relax and some time on their own. Keeping kids in house all day can lead them to being frustrated or depressed. Especially kids at a growing age need to have some physical activity to let out all the extra energy. Let your children discover new outdoor activities and talents so they may develop an interest in some sport as they grow older.

Social Outings

Taking your kid to the park sometimes or any other activity that involves children in the same age group is a great way for your kid to make new friends. This will not only boost their confidence, but really help them if they are shy. It gives your little ones a chance to practice their social skills and make new friends

Happy outing!

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