7 Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

For your daily Fitness Goals!

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Instagram is a great tool for a lot of things and these days especially for fitness. We round up seven inspiring fitness feeds we are currently hooked on to for much-needed motivation to get up and get going.

1. Mustafa Jamshed – Impulse Fitness

mustafa jamshed

The founder of fitness bootcamp, Impulse Fitness, Mustafa Jamshed started off with a small setup but his social media presence has since then grown by leaps and bounds. His feed leaves you motivated for trying out new moves, particularly if you’re into weight training and HIIT exercises.

2. Hydro Fit Team

No surprises why we’re addicted to Hydro Fit Team’s page. With celebrities training everyday in his studio to Hydris conquering a new milestone himself, you find yourself fully motivated to get up and get going if you follow his page.

3. Mehek Taherani

mehek taheraniFounder of MUV base in Karachi, Mehek is a girl boss and motivating women to step up their fitness game. From technique, dietary tips to details of her own fitness journey, there’s so much one can learn from her feed.

4. FZM Boutique Fitness

Speaking of girl bosses, Fatima Zara Malick is one who is giving us major goals. FZM boutique is her personal studio offering a number of fitness classes from boot camps to reformer pilates and even zumba.

5. The Pilates Lab by Sania M. Sheikh

If you’ve ever tried Pilates and it has worked for you, this is the account you have to follow! What more could you want than a studio entirely dedicated to reformer and chair Pilates. The owner Sania M. Sheikh gives us a glimpse into her studio sessions with celebrities including Syra Shahroz, Mehwish Hayat, Hareem Farooq and we can’t ask for more.

6. Fuzzy Faruque

Trainer at Studio X, Fuzzy Faruque is always killing it in the gym. From her boot camp classes to early morning spinning class, she motivates us to push the envelope and hit the gym every day.

7.The Anti Cupcake Society by Amal Sarwar

Owner of the venture The Anti Cupcake Society, Amal Sarwar gives us major bod goals. Her sense of humour and quirky approach towards fitness is what keeps us hooked to her page.

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