How to Burn More Calories by Walking


Walking is an amazing low-impact cardio routine and an excellent social activity as well. While Calories by Walking, it’s possible to raise your heart rate to such a level to burn calories. However, most of us walk too slowly to receive any major benefits, and walk for too short distances as well. It feels like too inefficient a workout. So how do we get a good workout without walking for miles? Here are some easy tips to follow which tell you just that.

Increase Your Speed

Walking at 4.7 miles per hour is the equivalent of running. If you walk at this speed wherever you go you will definitely burn more calories. Try interval speed walking and walk as fast as you can for 30 to 60 seconds, then walk at a more moderate speed for around five minutes. This technique will keep your metabolism heightened after a long walk and help prevent your body from getting fatigued.

Think Incline

Try climbing anything that you can, such as stairs of parking-garage ramps, compared to the easier way of taking the escalator or riding the elevator. In this way you will burn up to 50 percent more calories than you would by walking on level ground. If you are on a treadmill, try starting with a 5 percent grade, and then work up to 7 or 8 percent- where you’ll really start feeling the intensity. Try to avoid holding handrails, because this lowers the difficulty of your workout.

Pump Your Arms

When you are walking, start bending your elbows at a 90-degree angle as bent arms move faster than straight arms. Also swing your arms from your shoulders like a pendulum. Keep the movements short, because if you reach too far in front, you will not be able to move them fast enough to burn the maximum number of calories.

Devote Some Money in Walking Poles

Join the Scandinavians in the fad of Nordic walking. This is done by moving ski-like poles in a forward and backward movement while walking. It might garner some curious stares from passerby, but you will be burning 20 to 45 percent more calories than before. It’s a great way to lose more calories while simply walking!

Maintain Good Posture

While Calories by Walking, make sure that you have a good posture. Keep your spine straight, shoulders back, eyes looking forward, and your chin level. Give others the impression that you are as straight and graceful as an Olympic gymnast.

Think Quicker, Not Longer

Make sure you do not lengthen your stride too much. To burn more calories what you want to do is to fit more steps into the same timeframe. In this way your legs will pump more and more fat will be burned. Try counting your steps for 20 seconds to figure out your speed. Only keep track of one foot and then double it. 40 steps in 20 seconds is healthy, 45 is mildly aerobic, and 50 is power-walking. Try first bringing up your steps per 20 seconds to 45, and then build from there.

Use Your Feet

While walking, be sure to use your feet more, they are there for a reason! Make a conscious effort to push your foot up at the end of every step. To make this easier to understand show people the sole of your shoe with each and every stride.

Overall, there are several ways to burn more Calories by Walking: increasing the frequency of your steps rather than the length of each stride, pushing your foot up more, using Nordic walking poles, pumping your arms more to utilize more muscles, increasing your speed, and lastly attempting to climb as many inclines as possible.

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