6 Types of Body Fats and What You Need to Know about Them!

Know the difference!


This may seem a little too much, but there are actually different types of fats in your body. Generally they are known as the good and bad fats. If you study them, you will be better able to control your weight and ensure that you are nowhere near being overweight. Here is all the information you need to know about the 6 types of body fats and what you can do in order to better manage them

1.      Essential Fat

This is the fat that your body simply cannot survive without. It is used for the regulation of body temperature, cell structure, fertility hormones and vitamin absorption. It is found all over the body. Keep in mind that this is not the weight that you want to lose, otherwise many bodily functions will disrupt!

2.      White Fat

6 Types of Body Fats1

This is the ‘fat’ that most people know about and the one that is important, yet gives rise to weight concerns. It is one of the main forms of body fats in the body and is stored for use when the body needs it. It provides cushioning for organs and produces leptin hormone.

3.      Brown Fat

Brown fat, opposite of the white fat, is the type of body fat that helps in burning energy. Hence, this is why it is considered good fat. This is the kind of fat babies have aplenty. Studies make it clear that with high intensity movement or simply more movement, you can have more brown fat that releases energy and keeps your body from getting fat.

4.      Beige Fat

This fat looks a lot like the combination of white and brown fat, but it can also form through conversion of white fat. This is what makes this fat dangerous. Studies show that the white fat can be turned into beige fat in stressful and cold situations. Research also shows that regular exercise can turn white fat into beige. This will help you become healthier.

5.      Subcutaneous Fat

6 Types of Body Fats2

Subcutaneous fat is 90% of the body fats. This is found right under the skin. It is there to make sure that the body remains protected from injury. Subcutaneous fat is made up of white, brown and beige fats. Too much off it can lead to hormonal imbalance.

This fat level can be checked through calipers found at clinics and gyms. You can lose this fat through calorie reduction and high-intensity exercise routine.

6.      Visceral Fat

Generally seen as the belly fat, visceral fat is the white fat which is accumulated in and around the abdominal cavity. It also stores around the heart, liver, intestines, pancreas and even under the skin. This fat can lead to type II diabetes and also give rise to colorectal and breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and stroke.

If in the waist-to-hip ratio, your waist is larger or even equal to the hips, then you are in danger. You need to make sure that your belly fat is always low. The best way to keep belly fat from getting out of hand is by consuming low amount of processes foods and performing strength training exercises.

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