The Most Dramatic Zodiac Signs


We all often encounter dramas and chaos in our lives. Some people thrive in such situations whereas other people run far away from it. According to astrology, 6 zodiac signs love dramas, so we have gathered zodiac signs who express everything in excess.


Gemini craves drama like some people crave food. They like excitement and thrill, which means the choices they make usually leave them in the middle of really unique situations. And if this doesn’t call for some drama, what does?


Cancers are extremely emotional and sensitive that is why they are known as drama queens. They are made up of 80% emotions and sometimes, their reaction to a situation is a little exaggerated. If things get too personal so they can turn from being very calm to being a very dramatic person in a minute.


Leos likes attention and being in the spotlight. They believe that involving themselves in a big drama is a way to stay gain attention. And, if they don’t get what they want then they throw tantrums.


Scorpios are usually fun-loving and chilled people but they are the angriest and most dramatic zodiac sign. They like adding their touch to the drama and make it even spicier.


Aquarius can detect drama and tension just by breathing the air. As a person, people may think that Aquarius is very practical and chilled but deep down, they have a high temper and react before thinking.


Libras are like drama magnets. They may seem like hating drama but secretly they love it and deliberately involve themselves. They love dealing with other’s crises and giving them advice.


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