Harmful Milk Combination You Must Avoid


The human body is designed in a very intricate way. In fact, every single body is unique and reacts differently to different things. Whether it’s the climate, what you apply to your body or even what you eat, you can all react differently depending on the body. However, many foods we’ve been eating together are actually unhealthy as combinations, such as combining certain foods with milk.

Did you know that milk is a meal in itself? Milk is one of the most crucial dairy products that we consume on a daily basis. However, if the animal protein in milk gets clubbed with other protein items, it can lead to stomach aches, bloating, fatigue, gas, discomfort, rashes, chronic digestion problems, and bad breath. Let’s talk in detail regarding harmful food combinations you should avoid with milk.

Fish, Prawn and Meat

Drinking milk after or with fish, prawns and meat is not recommended as it could lead to heaviness and digestive issues.

Sour Ingredients

Milk should not be taken with sour fruits or acidic food such as achar. Milk takes longer to digest and, if combined with vitamin C in fruits and acid, can lead to cuddling and coagulating of milk in the stomach. This will result in indigestion, gas problems and heartburn.

Fruits and milk

Banana is the most common fruit combined with milk, but did you know this combination can lead to many health problems? According to experts, fruits like bananas and melon should not be teamed up with milk. Why? Because it can cause fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract, disrupt the intestinal flora, cause acidity and indigestion, further leading to cold, cough, rashes and allergies. The only types of fruits that can be combined with milk are mangoes, avocados, figs, and dates with sweet and buttery properties.

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