Activities for Children during Ramadan


When it comes to teaching children about the significance of Ramadan, there is no better way than to do it while involving them in a fun activity. This way they will be much more likely to remember small details related to Ramadan.

Below are the ways to make your kids involved in fun activity during the month of Ramadan:

Decorate Namaz Room for Family


Decorate namaz room for everyone to pray together. With the help of your children, you can decorate the prayer room with fairy lights and other festive decors. This will get children more excited to come for prayer.

Let them help you during Iftar preparation Children


Involve your children in the preparation of the iftar by letting them set out the plates, they can even serve iftar to the family. Getting them involved in the process will make them look forward to it.

Make a Zakat Jar

Giving zakat is an essential aspect of Islam and its main purpose is to avoid greed and selfishness. We should teach our children about the values and meaning of zakat at a young age. Children should be encouraged to put a small portion of their pocket money in a jar and later to donate it to poor people. By practicing it, they will be more likely to understand the whole concept of zakat.

Make A Ramadan Advent Calendar

Another way to get your children involved in a fun activity is through the advent calendar. In this calendar, you can include everyday tasks for your children to keep them busy and excited. You may include tasks like decorating Eid cards, help to make sweets for Iftar, etc.

Remember that your Ramadan activities need to be engaging and fun for your children, especially for young ones. This way you will be able to build a strong foundation of faith in them from an early age.

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