5 of the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2017


New years and new seasons bring new fashion trends. While 2016 was a great year in the Fashion Trends industry, 2017 is definitely taking from it. The core elements are still present to a great extent, but in 2017, a more evolved and polished look has emerged, changing the way many perceive fashion.

Trench Coats

While these had gone out of fashion for quite a while, they’ve come back with quite a big impact in this industry. This is a wonderful winter staple, and protects you from the cold while looking amazing at the same time too. This piece tends to add a sophisticated edge to whatever you wear. While khaki trench coats are probably the most versatile, basics have been reinvented this year, giving way to more hybrids and quirky accents which look more colourful and add something different to your look, whether you prefer to dress it up or down.

Long Pendants

While chokers were all the rage back in 2016, the industry has started to lean more toward pendants in 2017, especially longer ones. They are definitely a statement, and add something different to an otherwise plain and neutral look, especially if those are the colours you prefer to wear. This adds some glamour to the look, and have the ability to change a drab outfit to a more uplifted one. Conversely, you can always make a statement with a more glamorous outfit and throwing on a simple pendant to dress the look down depending on where you go. These pendants are unique, because you can definitely layer them to give them an edge or leave them as they are.

Wide Leg Pants

Skin ny jeans were left behind in 2016, giving way to wide leg pants. These can be worn with a bodysuit, or a simple button down tucked inside. It gives an edge to your look, and combined with some accessories can look amazing. If you want something more like a maxi skirt but in the style of the wide leg pant, try the palazzo. This is loose fitting and wide, giving the impression of a skirt or even a dress which is ideal for those who like that look but prefer pants.


Oddly enough, something this simple is very much in fashion in today’s world. Stripes can be worn in a number of different ways, and they can be both in your pants and in your shirt, creating many options. Some of the prettiest striped clothes are also the most expensive at times, but don’t worry about the price- stripes will never go out of style so buying more expensive clothes can actually be an investment. Whether the stripes are in a bodysuit, a romper, or even your kurti, they won’t ever look too unfashionable.


The new dressing theme of a kurti above the knee has won over the hearts of many Pakistanis, and looks beautiful on just about everyone. They can be paired with cigarette pants, skinny jeans, tights and with pyjamas, and are one of the clothes that have some of the biggest variety. This trend tends to come back every few years, so even if you do purchase a more expensive kurti this year, you can be sure that you will get to reuse it even after it goes out of style.

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