Get ‘The Rock’ Like Abs with These 5 Exercises

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Do you want to look like those hot celebrities who are bulging with muscles and perfect 6 packs? If so, then you ought to start working on it right away! You can acquire them with abs workout, hard work and some focused exercises. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that there needs to be strict following of workout routine each and every day and you will also need to pay attention to your diet.

‘The Rock’ Like Abs workout

Keep in mind that weight loss and ab building occurs with the combination of diet and exercise. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson does not consume fast food by the bucket and sits on the couch all day to look the way he does. And neither can you if you want abs like him. So get moving and try out these 5 exercise routines daily in order to get The Rock’s dream body!

1.      Abdominal Hold

This is a difficult exercise but helps tremendously with your ab development. Sit on a straight chair and put your hands below you. Grip the chair with your hands and raise your body on your hands. Lift up 2-4 inches. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds, lower and then repeat. Do the exercise for at least a minute, increasing the time as your strength increases.

2.      Ball Tuck

You will need an exercise ball in order to perform this super exercise routine. To do ball tucks, put your feet on a Swiss ball and hands on the floor by stretching your body straight. Now pull the knees in and push out in slow motion by using your abs. Repeat for as long as you can.

3.      Planks

Planks are believed to be the cure for a fatty waist, lose hips, jiggly thighs and weak back. In simple words, it is the exercise to do even if you are unable to practice any other routine for the day. Invest just 7 minutes of your day in a variety of planks, and you will see that your abs become visible within a few short weeks!

4.      V-Up

This is one of the most challenging exercises you will do on this list. Lie down on a yoga mat and then raise up your body on your arms behind your back. Now bring your knees up so that they look like they are in a tabletop position. Move your chest up and alternate between moving the knees from left to right.

5.      Air Bike

This exercise is deceptively simple, yet it can perform magic! You need to recline on the floor straight, then move your legs in the air as if you were on a bicycle. Continue on for as many reps as you can do. Try to go for at least 5 minutes straight, rest for 1 minute and then 5 more minutes. You can increase the time as your body gains strength.

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