5 Exercises to Prevent Ankle Sprain

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From running to high heels, daily activities can be rough on our ankles. Whether it’s a firm floor or a soft grassy surface, our ankles are the first joints of our body to get in contact with the ground. To avoid an ankle injury, get them strong with these recommended exercises.

Exercises to Prevent Ankle Sprain

The best part of these exercises is that they can be done without any special equipment. Just go through these recommended exercises to prevent an ankle injury.

1. Ankle Circles

Ankle Circles is the best exercise for ankle pain relief. This exercise enhances blood flow and stimulates nerves in your feet, ankles and lower legs.

How To:

  1. This exercise is best done lying on your back.
  2. Lie down on a flat couch or a firm bed or anything similar to that and lift your leg into air.
  3. Gently rotate your feet in circles at the ankle joint.
  4. Make clockwise and anticlockwise rotations for a couple of minutes.


  • It stretches your ankles and makes them strong.
  • Stimulates nerves in your feet, ankles and legs.
  • Enhances blood flow throughout your legs, feet and ankles.
  • Also helps maintain strong legs and ankles.

2. Calf Raises

Calf Raises is known to be the strength training exercise. Your ankles learn to have control when your body shifts weight without using any equipment.

How To:

  1. Stand with your feet wide apart.
  2. Shift your body weight to your toes and slightly raise your heels off the ground.
  3. Then gradually lift your heels off the ground as high as you can.
  4. Now slowly lower your heels and repeat the exercise.
  5. Practice it a couple of times and then proceed performing on one leg.


  • It improves muscular strength.
  • Tones your lower legs and improves its appearance.
  • Strengthens muscles and prevents muscle strains.

3. Ankle Alphabets

This is another ankle exercise to prevent ankle sprain and relieve ankle pains. It stimulates mobility in your ankles and happens to be quite an easy exercise.

How To:

  1. You can do this exercise while lying on your back and lifting you legs in the air.
  2. Simply draw each letter of the alphabets while rotating your ankles.


  • It improves mobility in your ankles.
  • Makes your ankles and feet flexible while relieving ankle pains.
  • Strengthens your legs and stimulates blood flow throughout.

4. Shin Raises for Ankle Injury

Shin Raises is very much similar to calf raises. It also helps prevent shin splints and is one of the strength training exercises.

How To:

  1. Stand in the same stance as you stand for Calf Raises.
  2. Stand with your feet width apart and lift toes off the ground.
  3. Stay in this position for 1-2 seconds and then move back to the normal standing position.
  4. Repeat the movements for a couple of times while maintain a good control as you lift your toes.


  • Improves body balance.
  • Relieves ankle pain and strain.
  • Improves ankle flexibility and alleviates soreness.

5. Single Leg Balance Exercise

Despite working on your ankles this exercise also strengthens your legs and whole of your lower body. It improves balance of your legs and makes your ankles strong.

How To:

  1. Stand on your right leg with your foot firm on the floor.
  2. Bend your leg and hold for twenty to thirty seconds.
  3. You may start to shake, but manage control your ankle to reduce the shaking.
  4. Repeat the same with the left leg.


  • Improves your body balance.
  • Strengthens your ankles and promotes control.
  • It also strengthens your thighs, knees and lower legs.
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