10 Signs You And Your BFF Are Basically Blair and Serena

It’s been six years since Gossip Girl left us and we still haven’t recovered


How many of you are still watching reruns of the 2012 teen show, Gossip Girl? *raises both hands*

The show may have claimed to be every parent’s worst nightmare but that didn’t stop anyone from watching it. Amirite?

Be it Chuck and Blair’s unhealthy relationship or Dan’s obsessive stalking skills, political incorrectness went out the window when it came to that show. And let’s not lie because we loved it!

One of the show’s main story lines centered around two equally popular BFFs, their mutual love and an unavoidable power struggle! And just like any other real-life friendship, theirs had several good days and bad days as well. Following are 10 signs that you can use to prove that you and your best friend are basically Blair and Serena.

1. You are each other’s family


When your biological family disappoints you endlessly, you always have your chosen family to fall back onto.

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2. You know you both are fly and aren’t afraid to flaunt that

Besties that pose for the paparazzis together, stay together!


3. You are each other’s biggest critique

When her hat looks awful, you tell her!


4. You’re always honest with each other

Perhaps a little too honest sometimes?

5. You wipe each other’s tears

She’s basically your sister from another mother!


6. You judge people together

Cause, why not?

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7. You shop together

You need her opinion on EVERYTHING!


8. You basically do everything together

Sometimes you don’t even feel the need to find a soulmate because you are each other’s soulmates


9. If you could, you’d spend all your time together

Actually you already kinda do


10. You’re sisters

And she’s all you’ll ever need!


Let us know if you and your BFF can relate. Share with us in the comments below!

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