Don’t Turn Into An Old-I-Locks With Grey Hair – Here’s How You Can Make Your Grey Hair Look Stylish

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It isn’t only the elderly who have the salt and pepper hair these days. More and more young people are experiencing early white hair. More and more 30 year olds are roaming around with a head full of grey hair. Even if you are in your 50’s or 60’s and sporting more grey than black hair, it most certainly does not mean you should turn into an old-i-locks! With the right haircut, exuding an air of confidence and ownership, you can look just as stylish as you did when you were 25!

Most people are embarrassed, particularly in Pakistan, of letting those graceful grey strands shine. It is time to accept the fact that grey most certainly does not mean old, it means sophisticated. Women particularly believe that the grey hair won’t look well with their skin, eye color or the dresses they wish to wear. But these are old perceptions that can now be abolished.

Here are some ways to make sure that your grey hair look beautiful with whatever attire you choose for the day.

Let the Color Go Slowly

You don’t have to become a grey head immediately. Ask a professional hair stylist to dye your roots and then slowly and gradually let the hair go grey. The transitions would be less dramatic and everyone will be used to your new look. You also won’t feel conscious of the sudden change and will have the confidence to flaunt the beautiful grey mane!

Keep the Sparkle Alive

This is essential, you will need to put in some effort to make your grey hair shine like molten silver. This is because grey hair is drier and tends to get frizzy. So get shampoos and conditioners that provide nourishment and moisture to your hair. You can also use blue-hued shampoos and conditioners to prevent your hair from becoming violet.

Here’s How You Can Make Your Grey Hair Look Stylish1

Haircut also makes a huge difference. If you keep your hair tied up in a jura or bun, they will look boring. Get modern cuts with clean and sharp edges like a long bob, v-cut or u-cut etc.

Grey Enhancing Colors and Makeup

By choosing the right colored clothing and makeup, you can pop the grey in your hair and make it look gorgeous. Opt for more charcoal, black and silver in your life, be it in makeup or clothing. You will be surprised by how beautiful and striking an appearance you achieve. Other colors that will flatter your grey hair include ruby red, deep purple, sapphire blue, white, black and of course, 50 shades of grey!

How You Can Make Your Grey Hair Look Stylish2

For makeup, choose more peachy and rosy tones instead of beigy or tawny. A red lipstick will still look dramatic and attractive on you. So pick up that instead of a dull brown.

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