Makeup With SPF – Does It Protect The Skin Against Sun?

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Just the idea of wearing sunblock to an afternoon outdoor party or a university event is a nightmare. The shiny-skin-and-oil-oozing look is not what you wanted to aim for! So what’s the solution? There are various makeup products in the market, like foundations and face powders, which offer built-in sun protection. But according to expert dermatologists, these are just not enough to protect you from the harmful sun rays. Therefore, it is essential to put on sunscreen lotion below the makeup layer, no matter where you are going during the day.

makeup with sunblock

Is that even possible? To carry a matte-SPF look with satin finish during the day? Yes actually, there is! You just have to follow the tips listed below.

Proper Matte Sunblock

You need a sunblock, of at least 15 SPF, to get the required coverage in the sun. When shopping, make sure to look for a sunblock that has either of these 3 ingredients in combination with octocrylene:

1. Avobenzone|
2. Zinc oxide
3. Ecamsule

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, these ingredients protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays. If you want a neutral look, then avoid products that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Apply Sunblock Properly

Make sure you apply an even, thin coat of sunblock all over your face and neck. Dab a little on the ears too and put tissues on top of the face to remove excess. Don’t wipe the tissues, just dab it a little. If you feel it’s important, then use separate SPF cream for the eyes and under eyes.

Next comes Foundation with SPF 15 or More

Now comes the turn of the foundation that has SPF 15 or higher. You can also use a simple tinted moisturizer if that’s what you like. Go for foundations that have photo finish or matte finish.

makeup with sunblock2

Use Face Powder

Face powder is necessary as it sets in all the layers of moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation. Get a compressed powder because it naturally causes a shield between your skin and the sun. Clinique and YSL’s face powders provide good, light coverage.

Lips are just as Necessary to Prep

You may think that putting on lip balm and lipstick is enough, but your lips are just as vulnerable to sun rays as any other part of the body. So make sure you use a lip balm or lipstick that contains SPF 15 or more. Be sure to dab a little powder on your lips over a tissue as that will keep the product on longer.


No matter how good your sunblock is, you will need to re-apply it later during the day. The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests reusing the products every two hours if you plan to spend the day mostly in sunlight. So be sure to take some time out and pay attention to your skin.

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