Hair Mistakes that Make You Look Older


Nothing sounds better than a nice fresh hair cut at this time of the year. It takes away half of your stress. Not all of you out there spend more than 3 minutes on your hair every day. Maybe it’s high time now and you really should consider trying out new hairstyles. It won’t only change your look, but also make you feel better about yourself. Here are a few Hair Mistakes that you need to avoid, so that you don’t look older than your age.

Crazy-long Hair

Every girl can pull off long hair-look and look mesmerizing. However, going crazy over the length is a bad idea. Trim them every three months to give them a fresh look and cut them according to the trends. But really, having long hair does not mean you let them grow till they reach your thighs. This will not only make you look older, but also a little possessed.

Find the Right Hair Cut for Your Face

Finding the right hair cut for your face seems very hectic and risky if you have some serious trust issues. Go to your stylist and ask for the best cut that would suit you in long or short hair. Make sure that you don’t end up cutting your hair in the same length. Add a few layers and spice them up with bangs. The same length can make you look older than you should look at your age.

Change with the Seasons

Don’t stick to one hairstyle for too long. Change your hairstyle when you feel like everyone you know has seen you with that hairstyle and it feels boring. Get a completely different hairstyle every now and then to give your hair a fresh look.

Split Ends

Do not ignore your split-ends. You are probably waiting for the weddings to end so that you don’t have to damage your hair anymore but that’s a bad idea. Get yourself a good heat serum and get a haircut. Split ends make you look old and clumsy at the same time.

Faded Hair Color

Hair dyes are costly and you just can’t keep on renewing them the moment you seem them fade. The color fades away with time and makes your hair look dull. Get the glossing treatment every once in a while to give your hair a shinier look even with the faded color.

Fringes Too Long

If you are young don’t keep the fringes so long that your eyes end up looking smaller than usual. This makes you look old and unsatisfied with life. Get light feathery fringe to show your eyes and forehead.

Curly Hair

It is obviously not the best thing to have curly hair for some people out there. However, you need to understand that curly hair is the best for messy hair styles and straightener is easier to use than a curler, anyway. It is necessary for people with curly hair to understand that their hair are more prone to getting frizzy, so it is better to use a conditioner and several serums that are available for Smooth hair. Frizzy hair make a bad impression and makes you look like you are having a hard time coping up with stress and thus, makes you look older than your age.

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