Hair Care Tips for Static Hair In Winter

No more bad hair days ladies!


Do you experience dry and frizzy hair in the winter season? Do you find hair care difficult in this season? It’s officially winter now and how to keep your strands soft and shiny throughout this cold season is a concern to consider. Our hair tend to get dry and static as the weather gets colder. Replenish your hair with these simple hair care tips for winter

From dandruff to split ends to flyaways, winters can be one of the harsh seasons for your hair. Instead of sticking with same products year round, change your hair care regime in winters. You probably may need to switch your shampoo and conditioner to something that is a bit rich to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated throughout dry and dull winters.

Hair Care Tip # 1: Deep Conditioning to Moisturize

Hair Care for Static Hair In Winter-Moisturize

Not only your skin but your hair too needs to get moisturized during winters. Give a boost to your hair by moisturizing them since your hair go all dry in winter thus giving that dull and unhealthy look. To protect your hair from chili dryness, go for a moisturizing treatment. Don’t let the temperature turn your strands into straws and nourish them by conditioning every time you shower.

It’s a good idea to switch your shampoo and conditioner in winters and go for a moisturizing one for soft and shiny hair.

Hair Care Tip # 2: Air Dry Your Hair

Hair Care for Static Hair In Winter- Air-dry your hair

Try to let your hair air-dry in winters before you blow dry them. The more hot air you infuse into your hair the more your shiny hair will lose the moisture. Heat styling tools and blow drying contribute to hair breakage. Make sure you air-dry your hair and seal in more moisture.

Hair Care Tip # 3: Say No to Static!

Hair Care for Static Hair In Winter-No-static

Static hair is something that bothers in winters. To avoid this huge nuisance, skip a day between hair washes. Washing your hair everyday may strip the natural oils off your hair making them dry and more apt to flyaway.

  • Comb your hair instead of brushing it. Use a wide toothed comb in winters and keep the static at bay.
  • Make sure to use conditioner after washing your hair to get that soft and smooth hair texture.
  • Go for an anti-static spray, an easier option. It fights static and frizz, without leaving your hair rough and damaged.

Hair Care Tip # 4: Grab a Scarf

Hair Care for Static Hair In Winter-Scarf

Be friends with scarves in winters. Wearing scarves and hats during winter can help you struggle against the dry winter breezes and avoid that blasting effect of chili air on your hair. If you intend to wear your hair down make sure that your scarf covers most of your hair. Covering up does not only keep your hair protected while battling outdoors, but it also helps you stay warm.

Also try these home remedies for healthy hair and skin in winters.

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