Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes on Skin


As the mercury in the thermometer continues to rise, most of us find ourselves reaching for extra ice cubes to cool ourselves down. But did you know that the benefits of ice cubes extend far beyond your glass and the quenching of your thirst? The use of ice cubes as a part of a beauty regimen is a modern and fast catching trend, but the technique has been used as spa treatment and skin care by beauty tips for a long time. It is a simple, chemical free process and costs next to nothing

Here are some of the benefits of using ice cubes as a part of your skin care routine:

1. For Puffy Eyes

Skin icing works great as a treatment for under eye bags as it helps reduce swelling and puffiness. Regular ice cubes placed on the skin under the eyes will ease puffiness. You can further take it up a notch by using strong green tea ice cubes instead.

2. Ice Cubes as Wrinkle Reducer

Icing not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles it is also said to slow the creation of new ones by tightening skin. It provides a great alternative to expensive anti wrinkle creams.

Ice Cubes as Wrinkle Reducer

3. Reduce Pimples with Icing

Great for reducing swelling and redness, icing is a great treatment for pimples. It also soothes the irritation caused by pimples providing much needed relief.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

Icing is equally effective on other causes of skin inflammation such as rashes caused by allergic reactions or insect bites providing instant relief.

5. Primer for Pores

Icing is said to shrink the size of pores. Skin icing tightens skin and shrinks enlarged pores clogged with excess sebum and impurities. Applied before application of foundation, it can ensure smooth appearance of makeup and provide a flawless finish.

Icing for facial

6. Icing for facial

Icing can tighten the skin and unclog pores by removing excess sebum. It can leave the skin feeling smooth and flawless. Kick your skin care treatment further up a notch by using milk ice cubes. The lactic acid in milk will act as a natural exfoliant, scrubbing away dead skin cells and leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. Pureed cucumber or blue berries may also be used as an alternative for extra exfoliating power.

7. Revive Sallowness of Skin

Icing increases blood flow and improves circulation giving skin a healthy glow and leaving you feeling refreshed in the process. Rub an ice cube over your face to boost blood circulation and help bring blood and color to the skin. Applied early morning, it will not only brighten your face well before application of makeup, it will also make you feel fresh and awake. That’s one cool face lift for sure.

Revive Sallowness of Skin

8. Treatment for Sunburns

Regular ice cubes massage will sooth a sun burn, but aloe vera or cucumber puree ice cubes have the power to provide even greater and faster relief when you have had too much fun in the sun.

  1. To reap the benefits of skin icing start with freshly cleansed skin.
  2. Wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth, and as it starts to melt, apply to desired area.
  3. Hold over area of choice for 1 to 2 minutes moving in circular motions.

Some people prefer using bare ice. If you decide to use bare ice make sure to not use it straight out of the freezer as this may cause capillaries to break under the skin. Also recommended is the use of gloves while using bare ice for ease of handling.

Avoid using ice if you have already broken capillaries. Maximum time recommended for icing is 15 minutes at a time, although if you experience a lot of discomfort you may stop sooner and discontinue use.

The effects of icing can be further enhanced through use of rose water, lemon water, green or chamomile tea, or cucumber depending on your skin type. Find More : Beauty Tips

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