8 Tips to Get Nude Makeup Look this

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It’s all about less is more this season! From nude colored tops to warm highlights and to our very favorite nude makeup look. Everyone wants to look effortlessly beautiful, even though it may take hours to achieve such a look. From the perfect pout, to the eye brows ‘on fleek’, everything should look on top without looking too over the top. Many celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway and Kendall Jenner are seen supporting this look on a daily basis. Many makeup companies have introduced new products that aim to achieve the perfect no-makeup look. One should love their imperfections, but to hide them in order to feel more confident and better about oneself, should be encouraged. That is why, I’d like to give you all a few Beauty tips to achieve the perfect nude makeup look for everyday wear!

1. Cleanse Your Face

To achieve a flawless, airbrushed look with your foundation, the first thing to be done is to scrub and cleanse your face. This really helps remove any dry or flaky skin, which traps the foundation, making your makeup look dull

2. Conceal Dark Spots

The next step is to color correct any blemishes or dark spots on your face or neck. It gives your foundation sort of an even skin tone to work on and prevents it from looking gray in specific areas of pigmentation. For dark spots, an orange or salmon corrector is used, while for red blemishes, a green one.

3. Apply Foundation

The next thing to do is to apply your foundation and blend it into the skin properly. I cannot emphasize how important this step is. To build your makeup and to expect it to last all day, a good foundation is extremely important. Blend it using either a beauty blender or a flat topped brush for a few minutes to ensure even distribution. Take it up into the hairline and a little below the jaw over the neck to avoid harsh lines.

4. Concealer

Next, apply concealer if needed. I use that after applying my color corrector and foundation, I don’t really need to apply an under eye concealer.

5. Use Compact

Set your makeup using a compact. Restrict it more over the T-zone and lightly dust over the rest of the face.

6. Cheek Blush

To add some color to your cheeks, use a pink or peachy blush over the apples of your cheeks. I find it better to use a tint instead of a powder blush for a fresher, younger look.

7. Rosy Lips

Apply a natural pink shade to your lips. Many makeup gurus suggest using a pink lip liner to line and fill in your lips as it lasts much longer and gives a more natural finish. These days lip balms come in a variety of colors and are perfect for the natural pink pout that we desire. A little lipstick could also be used if you’re looking for something that lasts longer.

8. Radiant Eyes

Eyes are the main focus for many people. Kohl and winged liner are a bit harsh to the eyes and may not go with the minimalist look we’re looking for. I suggest using two coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Use either a highlighter or white eye pencil on the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes. This helps open up the eyes and give you that extra twinkle. This is especially helpful for tired eyes, as this trick helps make you look more awake.

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