Makeup Hacks To Survive The Heat

Don't want your makeup to melt in the heat? Here is what you can do to fix it.


Is the sun baking your face more often than you? Is your face greasier than Grease, the musical? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place! Our makeup is melting too and it’s starting to look like a slightly more glittery version of house of wax.

Going makeup free is a secondary solution because I spent good money on a foundation, and it needs to be used. So here are a few makeup tips for rainy days (or lack thereof).

Invest In An Eye Primer

Is your concealer or eye-shadow giving you an unwanted cakey look? If so, invest in an eye primer and I guarantee you wouldn’t regret it. Buy one asap.

Apply Loose Powder

After you put on your regular primer, pat a very very thin layer of loose powder into place to create a matte layer to hold your makeup in place.

Seal Your Brows

Do your eyebrows like you normally do. But to avoid the makeup from melting off, seal them up with some clear eyebrow gel.


Go Light

Because the heat is inevitable, it’s a good idea to go light on the makeup. A heavy face will only make things harder to handle.

So, put a light layer of foundation, keep the eye makeup to a minimum and skip the highlighter completely.

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Set Eyeliner With a Translucent Powder

That’s pretty much it. Even if your eyeliner is waterproof, brush some powder over it to make sure it stays matte instead of it accumulating onto your eyelid.

Use Lighter Colors

When dark makeup starts to run or smudge, it’s a lot more noticeable and tacky looking. So, opt for a soft, mild look with warm summer colors.

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Carry Blotting Papers

Again, you will sweat. So, it’s best to be prepared for that instead of hoping you won’t. Press the paper gently on the desired area for a bit longer than three seconds, and voila, you are good to go.

If you can’t find makeup blotting papers, coffee filters are a cheap alternative.

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